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On the subscription management portal at manage.techsmith.com, you can view and manage your multi-seat subscription for these products:

video review icon Video Review assets for snagit icon TechSmith Assets for Snagit
knowmia pro icon TechSmith Knowmia Pro assets for camtasia icon TechSmith Assets for Camtasia
audiate pro TechSmith Audiate    

If you do not have a multi-seat subscription, see (Multi-Seat Subscriptions) Purchase a Multi-Seat Subscription.

If you need a one-seat subscription, or are looking for a different product (Snagit, Camtasia, or other), you can visit our online store. Licenses and subscriptions purchased in the online store can be managed at myaccount.techsmith.com.

After you sign in to manage.techsmith.com and go to Organizational purchases, the following message may appear: “Product subscriptions will appear here”.

message saying that product subscription will appear here; to get a subscription, please contact the Sales team at techsmith.com/contact.html

Possible reasons:


Expired 30+ days ago

All of your multi-seat subscriptions expired more than 30 days ago and cannot be renewed.

To purchase a new subscription, contact our Sales team. See (Multi-Seat Subscriptions) Purchase a Multi-Seat Subscription.


Has a new owner

You purchased a multi-seat subscription but then transferred it to a new owner. See (Multi-Seat Subscriptions) About Ownership Transfer.


Was purchased in the online store

You purchased a license, maintenance, or one-seat subscription in our online store. To manage them, visit myaccount.techsmith.com.

You can also view and manage your one-seat subscriptions at manage.techsmith.com > Personal purchases. However, please note that this page is work in progress and has limited functionality.


Is available for you to use, but not to manage

You have access to a product because someone purchased a multi-seat subscription and assigned a product seat to you. You can view this product at manage.techsmith.com > Available products.

However, you did not purchase this product, so you cannot view the subscription details in Organizational purchases.

If you are not using the product, or if you have any trouble accessing it, please contact the person who assigned the product seat to you. See (Multi-Seat Subscriptions) Assign and Revoke Seats.

This help topic is for Assets for Camtasia, Assets for Snagit, Audiate, Knowmia Pro, and Video Review.

If you are looking for information about Camtasia, Knowmia Enterprise, Snagit, or our other products, please visit our help center.


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