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Before we begin

At manage.techsmith.com, you can view and manage your Direct orders (multi-seat subscriptions purchased via the sales team) for these cloud products:

video review icon Video Review assets for snagit icon TechSmith Assets for Snagit
knowmia pro icon TechSmith Knowmia Pro assets for camtasia icon TechSmith Assets for Camtasia
audiate icon TechSmith Audiate    

If you do not have a multi-seat subscription, see (Multi-Seat Subscriptions) Purchase My First Multi-Seat Subscription.

If you need a one-seat subscription for a cloud product, or are looking to purchase the TechSmith Snagit or Camtasia licenses, please visit our online store. You can manage your Online store orders and Keys at manage.techsmith.com.

Portal Overview

After you purchase a license or subscription for a TechSmith product, you can view and manage it at manage.techsmith.com.

Sign in to the portal with your TechSmith account. If this is your first sign-in, you will need to set a password using the Forgot Password option.

Once you sign in, you can:

dashboard icon

View and edit your TechSmith account details on the Dashboard.

on the dashboard, you can view and edit your TechSmith account details

The dashboard is work in progress. For more account management options, visit myaccount.techsmith.com.

direct orders icon

View and manage your multi-seat subscriptions in Direct Orders. See the Direct Orders section in this article.

online store orders icon

View and manage your one-seat subscriptions and licenses in Online store orders.

at manage.techsmith.com, in online store orders, you can view the licenses and subscriptions that you purchased in the online store

keys icon

View and manage the Keys for the Snagit and Camtasia licenses that:

at manage.techsmith.com, in keys, you can view and manage your Snagit and Camtasia license keys

See License and Software Keys.

seats icon

Grant access to your subscription-based products for end users by assigning the product Seats (or by adding seat managers who can assign the seats). See (Multi-Seat Subscriptions) Assign and Revoke Seats.

available products icon

In Available products, view the subscription-based products that you can use.

For example, you can use a product if you purchased it in the online store, or if someone else purchased a product subscription and assigned a seat to you.

on the available products page, you can view the TechSmith products that you can use

Direct Orders

On the Dashboard, you can view a summary of your Direct orders (active multi-seat subscriptions and latest multi-seat transactions).

on the dashboard, you can view a summary of your direct orders (that is, multi-seat subscriptions)

To view more details, visit the Direct orders page.

self-service portal with different areas of the direct orders page marked with numbers from 1 to 9

number 1

If you have several multi-seat subscriptions, by default, the most recent subscription is displayed. Use this menu to view your other subscriptions.

when you click the subscription selector, you can view multiple subscriptions that you own under this account

If you would like to purchase another subscription, please contact Sales.

number 2

To transfer this subscription to a different owner, use the Manage ownership option.

when you click the manage ownership button, you can view the manage owneraship pop-up window

number 3

You can view the products added to your multi-seat subscription.

Total seats shows the number of your team members who can use the product within this subscription. You can assign the Available seats to your team members, so that they can start using the product.

Rate plan shows product pricing. In this example, “volume” means that the price per seat depends on the number of seats. A “per unit” rate plan means that the price per seat is always the same (that is, the number of seats does not affect the price per seat).

Price per seat shows the full monthly or yearly price for this seat. If this is the first product in your multi-seat subscription, this is the exact purchase price for the seats. If you subscribed for the product after the start of your billing period, the full price per seat was automatically reduced.

Use the product menu (product menu icon) to edit the product (that is, purchase more seats), manage seat assignments, or to cancel auto-renewal for a product.

product card where you can view product name, number of seats, rate plan, and button with three vertical dots that shows the product options

If you would like to return one or more product seats, please contact Sales.

number 4

You can add more products to your multi-seat subscription. Our example is a yearly subscription, so you can add more products till the end of the year.

list of products that can be added to the current subscription

number 5

Use the Account information section to view and edit your account for multi-seat subscriptions, including billing address and shipping address.

If you would like to change your primary email or edit other TechSmith account details, go to Dashboard.

account information, billing address, and shipping address

number 6

In the Payment method section, you can view your current primary payment method for multi-seat subscriptions. To use a different payment method for your next multi-seat purchase, set it as primary.

payment method section with credit cards and the option to set purchase order as the primary payment method

You are recommended to use the same payment method type (credit card or purchase order) within one subscription.

number 7

These labels show the subscription billing period and the payment method that was used to purchase the multi-seat subscription.

labels that show if the subscriptoin is yearly or monthly, and if it was created with a credit card or purchase order

number 8

The Renewal section shows the date when the products in your multi-seat subscription may expire and explains how to renew the subscription.

renewal section with information if the subscription will be renewed automatically or can be renewed manually

number 9

Use the Direct orders submenu to access the options for managing your multi-seat subscriptions.

in direct orders, you can view a submenu with the following tabs: subscriptions, payments, history, invoices

  • Subscriptions page shows your subscription details outlined in this table (products, account, payment method, and renewal information).
  • History page helps you track how your multi-seat subscriptions changed over time.
  • Payments page shows a history of payments and refunds for all multi-seat subscriptions.
  • Invoices page helps you track your multi-seat orders and payments.
    PDF versions of these invoices are sent to your email, and you can resend them to yourself or someone else at any time.

If you are tax-exempt, our team needs to check your certificate before each purchase. To purchase additional products or seats, or to renew your multi-seat subscription, please contact Sales.

in direct orders, on the subscription page, you can view a hint saying that as a tax-exempt customer, you cannot purchase products or seats and renew the subscription by yourself; please contact the Sales team at techsmith.com/contact.html

If you as a purchaser will be managing this subscription yourself, your first step is to assign product seats to end users. See (Multi-Seat Subscriptions) Assign and Revoke Seats.

Or, you can choose someone else to assign seats or manage the subscription. See (Multi-Seat Subscriptions) Add or Remove a Seat Manager and (Multi-Seat Subscriptions) About Ownership Transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you visit manage.techsmith.com > Direct orders, and the “Product subscriptions will appear here” message appears, this means that you do not have an active multi-seat subscription.

in direct orders, on the subscription page, you can view a message saying that product subscription will appear here; to get a subscription, please contact the Sales team at techsmith.com/contact.html

See (Multi-Seat Subscriptions) No Subscriptions Page.

In Direct orders, you may have an unpaid invoice if:

  • You made a multi-seat purchase with a purchase order but have not made the payment yet.
  • Your multi-seat subscription was auto-renewed but the credit card payment failed.

If you have an unpaid invoice, you can view the corresponding hint. To view details about an unpaid invoice, click View invoices.

in direct orders, on the subscription page, you can view a hint saying that you have one or more unpaid invoices, and to please pay them until their due date

Make sure to pay the invoice by its Due date. Otherwise, your account for multi-seat purchases may be blocked and product access removed. See (Multi-Seat Subscriptions) View and Pay My Invoices.

in direct orders, the invoices page that shows a list of invoices and their due dates

If your multi-seat subscription was created under an incorrect account, or if access to your account was lost, it may be canceled. See the Why is my account canceled? section in a different article.

in direct orders, you can view a hint saying that sorry, your account is canceled, and for more information, contact the Sales team at techsmith.com/contact.html

If any settings for a multi-seat product or rate plan are incorrect in our backstage system, in Direct orders, you can view the corresponding hint.

in direct orders, on the subscription page, in a product card, you can view a hint saying that product or rate plan contains unsupported settings, and for more information, contact the Sales team at techsmith.com/contact.html

This hint is also visible to our Sales team, and when they fix the issue with unsupported settings, the hint will disappear. Until then, your multi-seat subscription is view-only.

If you need to make an urgent update or cancelation, please contact Sales.

This help topic is for Assets for Camtasia, Assets for Snagit, Audiate, Knowmia Pro, and Video Review.

If you are looking for information about Camtasia, Knowmia Enterprise, Snagit, or our other products, please visit our help center.


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