(Multi-Seat Subscriptions) Handle a Credit Card Error

At manage.techsmith.com, you can view and manage your Direct orders (multi-seat subscriptions purchased via the sales team) for these cloud products:

video review icon Video Review assets for snagit icon TechSmith Assets for Snagit
knowmia pro icon TechSmith Knowmia Pro assets for camtasia icon TechSmith Assets for Camtasia
audiate icon TechSmith Audiate logo_screencast.png Screencast Pro

You can purchase your multi-seat subscription via our Sales team, and then get more products and seats by yourself in manage.techsmith.com > Direct orders.

Credit card error may occur when you make a multi-seat purchase:

  • Sales team creates your multi-seat subscription.
  • You or the Sales team purchase additional products or seats.
  • You or the Sales team renew the subscription early or after it expires.

If your credit card payment fails, the order is not created. You can view an error message with details about why the payment failed (for example, incorrect credit card details or insufficient funds).

error that says can't process the payment for an unknown reason; please contact the bank that issued the credit card; or, add another card and try again. error code: 146

Please contact the card-issuing bank to resolve the issue. Or, add a new primary credit card.

Then try and place the order again. If the payment error persists, please contact our Customer Service team.

Credit card error may also occur when your multi-seat subscription is auto-renewed. However, because the auto-renewal payment is processed automatically, the auto-renewal payment error is handled in a different way. See the Overdue credit card payment on auto-renewal section in a different article.

This help topic is for Assets for Camtasia, Assets for Snagit, Audiate, Knowmia Pro, Screencast Pro, and Video Review.

If you are looking for information about Camtasia, Knowmia Enterprise, Snagit, or our other products, please visit our help center.

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