(Multi-Seat Subscriptions) Restore Access to Product

If you purchased a multi-seat subscription, and a payment on your invoice is overdue, your access to the unpaid product(s) may be removed.

In manage.techsmith.com > Direct orders > Subscriptions, you can view the corresponding hint: “Sorry, your access to this product was removed”.

in direct orders, on the subscription page, in the product card, you can see a hint saying that sorry, your access to this product was removed

As a result, you and the seat managers cannot assign or revoke seats, and the users with assigned seats cannot access the product. On the Seats page, you and the seat managers can view the corresponding hint: “Sorry, all seat assignments are on hold”.

on the seats page, a multi-seat product may have the access removed label. A hint appears, saying that sorry, all seat assignments are on hold. Please make sure that all invoices for this multi-seat product are paid. For more details, contact the TechSmith team at www.techsmith.com/contact.html

For details about when exactly the multi-seat product access is removed depending on your payment method, see (Multi-Seat Subscriptions) Why Is My Invoice Overdue.

To restore access to the multi-seat product, please make the payment as soon as possible. See (Multi-Seat Subscriptions) View and Pay My Invoices. Access will be restored within 24 hours of receiving the payment for the last overdue invoice. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service team.

This help topic is for Assets for Camtasia, Assets for Snagit, Audiate, Knowmia Pro, Screencast Pro, and Video Review.

If you are looking for information about Camtasia, Knowmia Enterprise, Snagit, or our other products, please visit our help center.

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