What's New in Camtasia 2021

Learn how to use the new features in TechSmith Camtasia 2021


Link and Edit Group Properties to Create Custom Assets

Edit and create your own custom assets with our Quick Property Editor. Reuse custom assets across multiple projects or share them with your team to maintain brand identity or consistent look and feel. See Create Custom Assets.

  • Link multiple assets in a project to edit their properties simultaneously.

  • Create subgroups to edit more precisely within a group.

  • Organize assets with custom labels and hide properties to prevent editing.


Group Tabs

View and organize grouped media quickly with Group Tabs. Group Tabs were previously available in Camtasia for Mac and are new to Camtasia 2021 for Windows. See Working with Groups.


Move or Share Project Folders with All Assets

Camtasia saves your project and all its assets in a self-contained project folder. Share or move project folders quickly without affecting your project timeline or assets.


New Transitions

Camtasia 2021 includes over 100 transitions in new categories that make it easier to find the right transition for your project. See Enhance Your Video Overview.


Proxy Media

Create a proxy of your high definition videos to improve editing performance such as lags or skips during playback. See Organize Media in Camtasia.


Emphasize (Audio) Effect

Apply the Emphasize effect to enhance a selected audio clip by decreasing the volume of all other audio tracks. For example, apply the effect to narration audio to decrease the volume of background music during the voice-over clip. See Audio Effects.


To view a full list of the features and improvements in Camtasia version 2021, see the version history for Windows and Mac.


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