Zoom In or Out In a Video

Zoom in or out on important parts of your video to draw attention to key actions or enhance difficult to view parts within a video.


Apply Zoom In and Out Animations


  1. Select the Animations tab > Animations subtab (Windows) or click the Animations tab (Mac).
  2. Drag the Scale Up animation onto media on the timeline.
    • To position when the animation occurs, drag the arrow.
    • To change the animation duration, drag either end of the arrow.
  3. Click Properties to customize the annotation. See Edit Media Properties Overview.
    • To adjust the zoom, move the playhead to the right of the arrow and drag the Scale slider.
  4. To zoom out, drag the Scale Down or Scale to Fit animation onto the media on the timeline and adjust the location, duration, and properties of the animation.

Preview the animations on the canvas to see how they appear in the final video.


Apply Zoom-n-Pan Animations (Windows Only)

Use Zoom-n-Pan to quickly add zoom in, zoom out, and pan animations to the timeline.

  1. Drag the playhead on the timeline to where you want the zoom to occur.
  2. Select the Animations > Zoom-n-Pan tab.
  3. Move and resize the zoom rectangle to get the desired effect. The area fills the canvas and is what your viewers see.
  4. A zoom animation appears on the timeline.
    • To position when the animation occurs, drag the arrow.
    • To change the animation duration, drag either end of the arrow.
  5. To zoom out, drag the playhead where the zoom animation ends. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to zoom out or use the Scale to Fit button to quickly zoom to full scale. A second animation arrow appears on the timeline.


About SmartFocus™

SmartFocus collects data during recordings such as cursor movements, mouse clicks, and other actions and uses that to add zoom and pan animations to your media.

SmartFocus can only be applied to .trec files using Camtasia version 2019 or later.
  1. Select Animations > Animations subtab.
  2. Drag the Smart Focus animation onto a .trec file on the timeline.


Apply SmartFocus first. To apply additional zoom and pan animations manually, see Apply Zoom In and Out Animations.


To help SmartFocus predict where to apply zoom and pan animations, follow the tips below during recording:

  • Slow down. Use slow, deliberate mouse movements.
  • Limit clicking. Do not randomly click around the screen or repeatedly click with the mouse.
  • Record at full screen dimensions and produce at smaller dimensions. SmartFocus is ideal for cases where you need to record at full screen or large dimensions, but want to produce the final video at smaller dimensions. For example, if you record a full screen application and then produce the final video for distribution on a smaller mobile device, the full screen recording is not clearly viewable at the original dimensions without zooming.
    After applying SmartFocus, a dialog appears with the option to change the editing dimensions of your video to a smaller size.
  • Record clips longer than 30 seconds. SmartFocus is optimized for recordings longer than 30 seconds. For shorter clips, manually add zoom and pan animations. See Apply Zoom In and Out Animations.
  • Do not “talk” with the cursor. Do not move the cursor around or point at unnecessary areas on the screen as you speak. Try to keep the cursor still in the area of focus in the recording unless you are demonstrating a focused action.
  • Keep the cursor close when entering text. SmartFocus may not predict the correct action if you click in a text box, move the cursor to the other side of the screen, and then start talking. If you want the viewer to see what is typed into the text box, keep the cursor in or near the text box.
  • Use the mouse scroll wheel (if applicable). Try using the mouse scroll wheel instead of clicking and dragging on the scroll bar. SmartFocus may zoom in on the scroll bar instead of the content scrolling. For example, use the mouse scroll wheel when scrolling long web pages.

This help topic is for Camtasia version 2021. If you have a previous version, upgrade to the latest version of TechSmith Camtasia or view the help for another version in the Previous Versions section.


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