Interactive Hotspots

Hotspots provide a clickable call-to-action in a video for viewers such as:

  • Open the next video in a series.
  • Provide a link to subscribe to your newsletter, channel, or social media.
  • Jump to a specific point in a video to learn more based on viewer's interest.
  • Provide a link to purchase your product or software.

Add a Hotspot

  1. Click the Visual Effects tab.
  2. Drag the Interactive Hotspot effect onto visual media on the timeline.
  3. Click the Properties button to customize the hotspot. The default pauses the video at the end of a hotspot and requires the user to click to continue. Other options include:
    • URL: Send the viewer to the URL entered.
    • Marker: Send the viewer to a specific marker in the video. You must have markers on the timeline to select this option. See Add Markers.
    • Time: Send the viewer to a specific time or frame in the video.
  4. To test the URL, Marker, or Time options, click the Test button.

The TechSmith Smart Player is required to display hotspots in a video. See Playback Requirements for Quizzes, Hotspots, and Captions to learn how to produce a video with interactive hotspots.

This help topic is for Camtasia version 2021. If you have a previous version, upgrade to the latest version of TechSmith Camtasia or view the help for another version in the Previous Versions section.


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