Insert a quiz or survey into your video to:

  • Test viewer's knowledge through multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer, and true/false questions.
  • Add open ended questions to gain feedback or gather user information such as an email address to contact the viewer at a later time.

The TechSmith Smart Player is required for table of contents, closed captions, search, quizzing, and hotspots in a video. To include the TechSmith Smart Player, produce the video to MP4 or export to Screencast.com.


Quiz Features

  • Unlimited number of fill in the blank, multiple choice, short answer, or true/false questions.
  • Require quiz / survey takers to submit a name and email address.
  • Provide up to thirty answers options per question.
  • Set the quiz to be scored or unscored.
  • For surveys, use the unscored option.


Set Up a Quiz

  1. Select media or move the playhead to the desired quiz location and click the Interactivity tab.
  2. Choose to add a quiz to the media or timeline.
    Add a quiz to media to keep the quiz aligned to that media while editing.
  3. Quiz is added and quiz mode is enabled.
  4. Set quiz options in the Properties > Options tab.
  5. Enter quiz questions in the Properties > Questions tab.
  6. To add another quiz, move the cursor along the timeline and click to place a quiz. As long as quiz mode is enabled, you are able to add new quizzes.
  7. To disable quiz mode, click the small arrow next to Quiz under the timeline toolbar.


Quiz Questions and Options

Perform this action... Do this...

Create questions

Click the Questions sub-tab.

  • The first question is added for you.
  • To add more questions, click the Add Question button.

Choose a question type

Select a question type from the dropdown.

Enter question

Click the Question field and type a question.

Enter or select answer

For true/false questions, click True or False to set the answer.

For all other question types, click Add Answer and type an answer.

Give feedback for answers

Check the Display Feedback option.

  • Type a response for the correct / incorrect answers.
  • Select the next action after the correct / incorrect answers.

Preview how quiz appears to your viewers

Click the Preview button.

Enter quiz name

Click the Quiz Options sub-tab.

Enter the name in the Quiz Name field.

Create survey

Click the Quiz Options sub-tab.

Leave the Score Quiz option unchecked.

Allow users to view results

Click the Quiz Options sub-tab.

Click the Viewers can see their results checkbox.

Delete quiz

Select a quiz on the timeline or media and press the Delete key.

Get scores and information about quiz

See Quiz Reporting.


Quiz Reporting

You can report the results of the quiz through email or via a SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS).

  • If you select Report quiz results through email during export, you receive the results through email via the Camtasia Quiz Service.
  • The quiz service sends the collected quiz data to the creator in the form of two CSV reports: Summary and Detailed.

About the CSV Report

The Summary CSV report contains a total score and percentage for each person, per video. If a video has several quizzes, the summary report combines the scores from all quizzes in the video to give one overall score.

  • The Detailed CSV report contains a time stamp, detailed question/answer scores, text field entries, and more.
  • The reports are in a comma delimited CSV text file format. This format is best viewed in a program that allows you to manipulate data in columnar format such as Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets.
  • Reports are sent once each day. No reports are sent if there is no new data collected.
  • Reports aggregate data. Each report contains both old and new data.
  • You cannot unsubscribe from the Quiz Service. To stop getting reports, request users not take the quiz or remove the video from a shared location.
  • You cannot change the reporting email address.

Production Wizard Reporting Options (Windows)

The quiz reporting options are available in the Production Wizard when you choose Screencast.com or an MP4 option with Smart Player.


Export Video Wizard Reporting Options For Mac

Quiz reporting settings vary depending on where the video is shared.
To access settings when exporting to:

Screencast.com - Select the Options button in the Production Wizard.

MP4 - Select Export > Local File and click Next until you locate the Quiz Reporting Options dialog

Reporting Options Details

Report quiz results using SCORM

(Only available with Export > Local File > MP4)

Provides a packaged eLearning lesson with the video using SCORM.
Supported SCORM versions include:

  • 1.2

  • 2004 2nd Edition

  • 2004 3rd Edition

  • 2004 4th Edition

Report quiz results through email

Enter and confirm the email address of the person to receive the quiz reports.

  • The email address must match in both fields. An incorrect email address cannot be changed later.
  • Quiz results are sent to the recipient once each day if new data is available via the Camtasia Quiz Service.

Viewer Identity

Choose viewer identity requirements.

Require a name and email from the viewer taking the quiz or survey.


Allow them to take the quiz or survey anonymously.

Quiz appearance

Change the button text and labels displayed when viewers take the quiz or survey.

If you create a survey instead of a quiz, you can change the Take quiz now button to read Take survey now.

This help topic is for Camtasia version 2021. If you have a previous version, upgrade to the latest version of TechSmith Camtasia or view the help for another version in the Previous Versions section.


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