Multi-Seat Subscriptions: Start or Cancel Ownership Transfer

Before we begin

On the subscription management portal at, you can view and manage your multi-seat subscription for these products:

video_review_new.png Video Review assets_for_snagit_new.png Assets for Snagit
knowmia_new.png Knowmia Pro assets_for_camtasia_new.png Assets for Camtasia
audiate.png Audiate    

If you do not have a multi-seat subscription, see Purchase a Multi-Seat Subscription.

If you need a one-seat subscription, or are looking for a different product (Snagit, Camtasia, or other), you can visit our online store. Please note that licenses and subscriptions purchased in the online store cannot be managed on the subscription management portal.

As a subscription owner, you can either manage the subscription by yourself (assign seats, renew the subscription, and more) or choose another person as the new subscription owner.

Before you start transferring the subscription to the new owner, please check the following.

Please make sure that the products in your subscription will be unique for the new owner. For example, if you are transferring an Audiate and Video Review subscription, and the new owner is already subscribed to any of these products, they will not be able to accept your subscription.


As the subscription owner (Account A), you can initiate the transfer. However, when viewing your invitation, the person you selected as the new owner (Account B) will not have the option to accept your invitation. Instead, they will be prompted to provide you with another email address or contact Sales for more options.


When you transfer a subscription to a new owner, the pre-transfer invoices generated for this subscription stay linked to your account. Therefore, if you have an unpaid invoice for this subscription, after a while, your account may be blocked, even though you do not own that subscription anymore.

As for the new owner, they will not see any hints about unpaid invoices generated when you were the owner, and will not be affected by them in any way.

So, before you transfer a subscription to a new owner, please make sure that all subscription-related invoices are paid. See Multi-Seat Subscriptions: View and Pay My Invoices.


Start or Cancel Ownership Transfer

Once you make sure that the future owner is not subscribed to the products that you are about to transfer, and all subscription invoices are paid, you can start ownership transfer. It is possible to cancel the transfer until your invitation is accepted. Expand the sections below for more details.

  1. Go to and sign in with your TechSmith account.
  2. (If you have multiple subscriptions) On the Subscriptions page, select the subscription which you would like to transfer.
  3. Under the subscription selector, click Manage ownership.
  4. Enter the email address of the new subscription owner and click Submit.
    If an error occurs, see the Frequently Asked Questions > Why can’t I start ownership transfer? section in this article.
  5. Review the confirmation and click Close.

The subscription status is In transfer, which means the following:

  • Until the person accepts the invitation, you can view and manage the subscription as usual.
  • You can revoke the invitation at any time. To complete this, next to the person’s email address, click Remove (icon_remove.png).

After the person accepts the invitation and becomes the new owner, the subscription data and owners’ details are protected in the following way.


Previous owner


Cannot view the subscription details or manage the subscription.


Cannot view the account details, payment method, or invoices of the new owner.


Can view the history of subscription updates, payments, and refunds that took place before the ownership transfer.


New owner


Can view and manage the subscription.


Cannot view the account details, payment method, or invoices of the previous owner.


Cannot view the history of subscription updates, payments, and refunds that took place before the ownership transfer.

You can cancel the ownership transfer if the subscription has the In transfer label (the person selected as the new owner has not accepted the invitation yet).

On the subscription page, click Manage ownership, and then click Remove (icon_remove.png).


The invitation becomes inactive, and the person whose email address you removed can no longer view the subscription details on the Invitations page.

Frequently Asked Questions

You cannot start ownership transfer in the following cases.


Your account is blocked.

You receive the corresponding hint: “Subscription cannot be transferred because the current owner is blocked”. See Multi-Seat Subscriptions: Unblock an Account.


You are transferring a subscription with auto-renewal on, and the person who should become the new owner is tax exempt.

You can view the corresponding message: “To transfer the subscription to this user, first deactivate auto-renewal. Error code: 301”.

See Multi-Seat Subscriptions: Auto-Renewal.


Subscription contains a product with unsupported settings.

Until our team resolves this issue, your subscription is view-only and cannot be transferred to a new owner.

You receive the corresponding message: “Cannot update subscription: product or rate plan contains unsupported settings. Error code: 290”.

If you need to make an urgent ownership transfer, please contact Sales.


Person who should become the new owner has reached the max number of subscriptions or cannot be selected as the new owner for some other reason.

You can view the corresponding message: “Sorry, the user with this email is unavailable. Error code: 182”.

To resolve this issue, ask the person to provide you with a different email address.

Yes, as the current/pervious subscription owner, in the subscription history, you can view all events related to subscription transfer.

Event Description

Ownership transfer initiated

You selected a person who should become the new owner.

Ownership transfer canceled

You revoked the ownership transfer invitation.

Ownership transfer accepted

Person selected by you accepted the invitation and became the new owner.

Ownership transfer declined

Person selected by you declined the invitation, and you remain the subscription owner.

This help topic is for Video Review, TechSmith Assets for Snagit, TechSmith Assets for Camtasia, TechSmith Knowmia Pro, and Audiate. If you are looking for information about TechSmith Snagit, TechSmith Camtasia, or TechSmith Knowmia Enterprise, please visit our help center.

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