Record a PowerPoint Presentation

Camtasia provides two options for recording a PowerPoint presentation: 

  1. Record with the Camtasia PowerPoint Add-In
  2. Import slides into Camtasia and record voice narration


Record with the Camtasia PowerPoint Add-In (Windows Only)

The Camtasia PowerPoint Add-In allows you to record a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint.

  1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Click the Add-Ins tab.
  3. Select the recording options in the toolbar.
  4. Click the Record button.
  5. Test your audio and then click the button to begin recording or press CTRL+SHIFT+F9.
  6. Press CTRL+SHIFT+F10 or press the ESC key to stop recording.
  7. Click the Stop Recording button.

  8. Name the recording and click Save.
  9. Select Produce your recording or Edit your recording and click OK.


Narrate Slides in Camtasia

Import .ppt or .pptx slides directly into Camtasia and record voice narration for the slides.

  1. On the Media tab, click the Import Media button.
  2. Select a PowerPoint Presentation file (.ppt or .pptx).

    You can also drag a PowerPoint Presentation file onto the Media Bin to import the slides.

  3. Click Open (Windows) or Import (Mac).
  4. On Mac, Microsoft PowerPoint opens.
    • Click the Grant Access button.
    • In the Slides dropdown, select All, Range, or Single.
    • Click Import.
  5. Camtasia imports the slides as images into the Media Bin. Drag the slides onto the timeline.
  6. The default duration for each slide is 5 seconds. Drag the end of the clip to extend the duration.
  7. Record voice narration.


Add markers to the timeline to create a video table of contents with the final video. See Create a Video Table of Contents.

This help topic is for Camtasia version . If you have a previous version, upgrade to the latest version of TechSmith Camtasia or view the help for another version in the Previous Versions section.


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