Basic Audio Editing

When creating a video, it’s important to capture good, quality video. But, it's just as important, if not more so, to get good quality audio.

  • Our ears almost always detect an audio error but our eyes are not so aware of errors occurring on-screen.
  • Most people won’t watch a video if the audio is bad – even if the video itself is very good.
  • People are more likely to continue watching a poor quality video if the audio is good.

Tips for Getting Great Audio

  • Use the best microphone you can afford.
  • Use default Camtasia Recorder audio settings.
  • ALWAYS do a short test recording to ensure audio is being recorded.
  • Use Audio Effects to enhance or correct audio.
  • Add audio points to enhance certain areas of the waveform.

There are two ways to work with audio in Camtasia: edit directly on timeline or add effects.


Edit Audio on Timeline

To perform this action.... Do this...

Select audio on the timeline

Double-click a clip with audio. The clip turns green and the audio bar appears.

Increase or decrease the volume level

Drag the audio bar up or down.

Silence a section of audio

Use the playhead to make a selection. Right-click the selection and choose Silence Audio.

Add audio points

Double-click on the audio bar.

Move audio points

Grab and drag the audio point across the audio bar.

Fade audio in or out

To create a fade, add three audio points to the audio bar. Drag up or down to create the desired fade.

Delete audio points

Right-click an audio point and choose to delete selected point or all points.

Separate system audio from screen recording

Right-click audio and choose Separate Video and Audio.

Change the look of the waveform

(Windows only)

Choose Edit > Preferences > Program tab > Mirror waveform.

Save audio as M4A or WAV

Share > Export Audio Only.

Export to MP3 is no longer available.

Apply Mix to Mono to have audio in both channels

Select audio clip on timeline > Properties button > Audio sub-tab c2021-audiosubtab.png > check Mix to Mono.

Apply Gain to adjust audio level of all selected clips

Select audio clip on timeline > Properties button > Audio sub-tab c2021-audiosubtab.png > Gain > drag the slider control to adjust audio level.


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