Playback Requirements for Quizzes, Hotspots, and Captions (Smart Player)

TechSmith Smart Player is designed to support interactive video features and ensure playback across web browsers and devices. Smart Player is required for playback if your video contains:

For more information on how to export a video with quizzes, hotspots, and captions, see Export and Share a Video.


There are two options to use the TechSmith Smart Player:

  • Upload the video to
  • Produce a video with Smart Player and host the files on your own website.


Host on

Hosting your video on provides the optimal viewing experience since the TechSmith Smart Player is built in. Viewers do not need to download or install anything. Select Export >


Host on a Website

When you produce a video, Camtasia generates a MP4 video and the required files for hosting on a website. You can then upload the produced files onto your web server.

  1. Select Export > Local File > MP4 with Smart Player.
  2. On the Smart Player Options screen, select one of the following options: 
    • Export Smart Player files for hosting
    • Use hosted Smart Player files (Recommended): Ensures you always have the latest version of the TechSmith Smart Player without having to manually update files on your web server or reproduce video files. See Hosted TechSmith Smart Player FAQ.
  3. Upload the production files to your web server.
  4. On your webpage, link to the .html file in the uploaded files. To learn how, see this support article.

This help topic is for Camtasia version 2021. If you have a previous version, upgrade to the latest version of TechSmith Camtasia or view the help for another version in the Previous Versions section.


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