Getting Started in TechSmith Knowmia

Create and share accessible videos that engage students and maintain a human connection with TechSmith Knowmia.


Record Media

TechSmith Knowmia makes it easy to create and share videos for online learning. Record a MP4 video of your screen, presentation slides, and optional webcam video. Switch between speaker webcam and your screen or presentation.


Upload Media

Upload existing videos already created from Windows, Mac, mobile devices, YouTube, or TechSmith Capture.


Manage Media in My Library

Manage your video and image content in a secure media library.


Video Engagement

Measure content effectiveness and student performance. Set up Conversations or add a quiz to engage viewers with your content.


Make Your Content Accessible

Make your content accessible to all viewers with features that support ADA compliance.


Sharing and Privacy Settings

Share a link with your students or embed the media on a website or LMS. Control who can view your media.


To purchase or to learn more, see the TechSmith Knowmia product page.


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