Multi-Seat Subscriptions: Expiration and Renewal

Before we begin

On the subscription management portal at, you can view and manage your multi-seat subscription for these products:

video_review_new.png Video Review assets_for_snagit_new.png Assets for Snagit
knowmia_new.png Knowmia Pro assets_for_camtasia_new.png Assets for Camtasia
audiate.png Audiate    

If you do not have a multi-seat subscription, see Purchase a Multi-Seat Subscription.

If you need a one-seat subscription, or are looking for a different product (Snagit, Camtasia, or other), you can visit our online store. Please note that licenses and subscriptions purchased in the online store cannot be managed on the subscription management portal.

Your subscription may expire if auto-renewal is turned off or unavailable for your subscription.

At your billing email address, you receive email notifications 30, 15, 7, and 1 day(s) before the expiration.

Example: your subscription expires in 7 days


If you do not renew your subscription early (during the last 30 days when it is active), your subscription expires.


Until the subscription is renewed, all seat assignments are put on hold, and users with assigned seats cannot access the products.


During 30 days after the subscription expires, you can renew the products in your subscription with the same number of seats. Expand the section below for details.

  1. Go to and sign in with your TechSmith account.
  2. (If you have multiple subscriptions) On the Subscriptions page, select the expired subscription which you would like to renew
  3. If you have a product that you do not need to renew, remove it.

    If you would like to renew the subscription with additional products or seats, you can add them after you renew the subscription.

    If you would like to renew the subscription with a smaller number of product seats, please revoke assignments for these seats, and then contact Sales to return these seats. After this, proceed to renew the subscription.

  4. In the Renewal section, review the forecasted amount – approximate amount for renewing the subscription. The actual renewal amount may differ slightly.
  5. Click Start renewal.
  6. Review the products that will be renewed and order summary.
  7. (If your primary payment method is purchase order) In the Order summary section, provide the purchase order number for this order.
  8. In the Order summary section, click Purchase.
  9. (If your primary payment method is purchase order) Familiarize with the Terms and Conditions for the products that you are about to renew.
  10. Confirm that you would like to complete the purchase and renew the subscription.

Subscription is renewed for another billing term (month or year).

For example, if the previous expiration date was April 02, 2021, and you renewed your monthly subscription on April 15, 2021, the new expiration date is May 02, 2021.


A PDF copy of the invoice is sent to your billing email address.

If 31+ days passed after the expiration, the subscription cannot be renewed anymore, and subscription details become unavailable.


Frequently Asked Questions

In the Renewal section, the Start renewal option may be unavailable. Or, after you click Start renewal, the Purchase option may be inactive.

Possible reasons:


Your subscription is active (has not expired). For information about other renewal options, see Multi-Seat Subscriptions: About Renewals.


You are registered as a tax-exempt customer. Please contact Sales to renew your subscription.



Your account is blocked because of overdue invoices. See Multi-Seat Subscriptions: Unblock an Account.


On the subscription page, you can view the new expiration date.

For example, if the previous expiration date was April 02, 2021, and you renewed your monthly subscription on April 08, 2021, then new expiration date is May 02, 2021.


In Subscription history, the Subscription renewed event appears.


At your billing email address, you should receive an order confirmation email with invoice attached. Also, you can view the financial details on the Invoices and Payments and refunds tabs.

This help topic is for Video Review, TechSmith Assets for Snagit, TechSmith Assets for Camtasia, TechSmith Knowmia Pro, and Audiate. If you are looking for information about TechSmith Snagit, TechSmith Camtasia, or TechSmith Knowmia Enterprise, please visit our help center.


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