Edit Mistakes from your Video

Cut out mistakes or unwanted parts in your videos in TechSmith Knowmia.

We recommend editing your video before adding captions, quizzes, and conversations.


  1. On My Library tab, click to open the media to edit.
  2. Select an option on the Edit Media tab:
    • Edit a Copy: Makes a copy of the video to edit and publish. Captions, quizzes, comments, and the audio description track are preserved in the original video.
    • Edit this Video: Directly edit the video. All captions, quizzes, comments, and audio description tracks are removed when you publish the video edits.
  3. Click the Play button or drag the playhead to preview the video for mistakes.
  4. To select an area to cut, drag the red and green handles.
  5. Click the Cut button.
  6. The segment cut from the video is shown as a red marker line. Click Save & Exit to save your edits.
  7. When you are done editing, click Publish to update the video.

Knowmia sends an email when the video is processed and ready to view.


Undo a Mistake while Editing

  • To undo the last edit, click the Undo button.
  • To undo all edits and start over, click the Restore Original Video button.

You can restore the original version at any time (including for media edited and published) by opening the media and and clicking the Restore Original Video button.


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