Recorder Settings Missing With Camtasia 2021


The Camtasia 2021 Recorder does not include a menu bar or tools to configure settings.

Reasons Options are Missing

Our Camtasia 2021 development brought a facelift to the Camtasia Recorder to better align performance expectations and functionality. To ensure a smooth transition to the newer Recorder, TechSmith had to temporarily remove some of the existing menu options in the Camtasia 2021 Recorder interface for the Camtasia 2021 major release; we intend to update this interface again with an upcoming release. Our brand new Recorder utilizes a different coding language, and we felt the new Recorder offers enough value to our customers with better DPI support, the ability to monitor the Recorder menu while actively recording and without the menu being captured, plus more benefits that we wanted share with our users. TechSmith is committed to improving upon your Camtasia experience, and we acknowledge the Recorder is a vital piece of the workflow. We will be issuing updates as quickly as we can to bring back the missing menu options while also continuing to develop additional features to add to the Recorder. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work on this, and we look forward to providing an even better experience in the future.


For now you can use the Camtasia Legacy Recorder to bring these options back:

  1. Navigate to the following folder: C:\Program Files\TechSmith\Camtasia 2021
  2. Double Click the LegacyCamRecorder.exe file to open the recorder
  3. Right Click and Select Create Shortcut to add a shortcut to the Desktop
  4. Right Click and Select Pin to Taskbar to add the icon to your Taskbar