Bypass Getting Started Window in Camtasia 2021


When opening Camtasia 2021 the Getting Stated Window opens and there is not an option to skip this.


Camtasia 2021 does not have a built in method to bypass this window, however by following these steps the window can be skipped.

Please note

Administrative Rights are required to access the System Registry and it is imperative that you only change the following key as tinkering within the Registry can cause potential issues; as such, please back up your registry prior to making the below edit.

  1. Exit Camtasia 2021 completely and verify that Camtasia 2021 nor the Camtasia 2021 Recorder are not running by opening the Task Manager and checking for the entry and if it is not listed in the open processes or applications, please continue.
  2. Open the Windows 10 Start Menu or the Run command by holding the Windows key on the keyboard and pressing the R key.
  3. Once opened, type regedit then confirm that you wish to make changes.
  4. Backup your existing registry by selecting Computer in the left pane and the selecting  File > Export; be sure to place this in a safe location.
  5. Once backed up, please use the left-hand pane to navigate to the following location:
    1. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\TechSmith\Camtasia Studio\21.0\Camtasia Studio\21.0\ShowLauncherAtStartup and set that key to Zero (0).
  6. Close the Registry Editor and launch Camtasia 2021. This should bypass the Getting Started screen.