Add Products to My Existing Subscription

If you have not purchased any products on a multi-seat basis yet, please contact our team at See this support article.


If you already have a product subscription in > Direct orders, you can purchase another subscription by yourself (step_A_red.png) or by contacting our team (step_B_red.png).


You can purchase another product subscription if the new product should have:

  • The same billing period, and
  • The same payment method, and
  • The same owner.

For example, if you purchased Assets for Snagit on a yearly basis with a credit card, you can add another product on a yearly basis with a credit card to the same subscription (A-S00571560). See the How to add another product to a subscription in direct orders section in this article.



If you need to purchase another product subscription with a different payment method or billing period, please contact our team at

For example, if you purchased a Video Review subscription on a yearly basis with a credit card (A-S00540072), you cannot add a new product with a purchase order or on a monthly basis to the same subscription. Instead, please contact our team, so that they add the product to a new subscription (A-S00497961).


  1. Visit and sign in to your TechSmith account.
  2. Go to the Direct orders tab.
  3. Select a subscription which has the same billing period and payment method that you will use for the new product (for example, yearly subscription purchased with a purchase order).
  4. In the Add new product to subscription section, next to the desired product, click Add (icon_add.png).
    If the product is not available, see the Why can’t I add a product to a subscription? section in this article.
  5. In Number of seats, specify the number of team members who will be using the product.
    Based on the Rate plan, the system selects the applicable pricing tier. In this example, the yearly Product price is 5 seats * USD 179.00 = USD 895.00, and it will be prorated before the purchase.

    Each product has a limit on the number of seats that you can purchase by yourself. If you need more seats, please contact our team at


  6. In the Order summary section, click Calculate.
  7. If your primary payment method is a purchase order, provide its number. Click Purchase.
    If the button is inactive, see the Why is the Purchase button inactive? section in this article.
  8. If your primary payment method is a purchase order, familiarize with the Terms and Conditions for the product that you are about to purchase.
  9. Confirm that you would like to place your order.
  1. A PDF copy of the invoice is sent to your billing email address.
    If your primary payment method is a purchase order, you can view a hint about an unpaid invoice. Please make the payment within 30 days. For more information, see this support article.
  2. Go to the Seats tab to assign the purchased seats to end users. See this support article.

On the subscription page, in the Add new product to subscription section, you can view additional products that can be purchased within this subscription.

A product may not be available in the following cases.


The product cannot be purchased within this billing period.

For example, if you purchased Audiate on a monthly basis, you cannot add a yearly product to this subscription. Instead, contact our team at to create a new subscription.



You already purchased the product on a multi-seat basis (for example, two monthly Audiate seats). To purchase more Audiate seats on a monthly basis, open the product menu (icon_ellipsis.png) and select Edit product. See this support article.


Your multi-seat subscription expired.

  • You can renew the products in your subscription, and then add the needed product. See this support article.
  • To purchase the product without renewing the subscription, contact our team at


You are registered as a tax-exempt customer. Please contact our team at to purchase the product.

While you are purchasing an additional product, in the Order summary section, the Purchase button may be inactive.

Possible reasons:


Your current primary payment method is different than the one that was used to purchase the subscription. Please choose a different payment method or contact our team at to complete the purchase.



Your multi-seat account is blocked because of overdue invoices. See this support article.

There is no possibility to purchase a product as of a future date—after you place an order, the product becomes active immediately. Please contact our sales team for other purchase options.


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