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  • Here's Johnny

    Typically, the .exe file is saved to your Downloads folder.

    You may find several files marked camtasia.exe

    You'll have to right click them and check properties / details to check the version number.

    If that doesn't work, try a file search for camtasia.exe


  • Here's Johnny

    If you export using timeline selection.

    The original production wizard should appear.

    So others have said, I haven't updated to the latest version. I can't confirm it.

  • kayakman
    Expert Camtasia User

    you can download previous versions here

    get 2021; that will give you the old legacy production wizard; if you want the installer for 2022.1.1, contact tech support

    if you choose the 2021 route, suggest you keep your current 2022 version installed; they can exist side-by-side

    the reference to use "produce-selection-as" in 2022 is the best approach [I use it]; it uses the legacy production wizard; you can also do batch production as that too uses the legacy production wizard

    TechSmith has indicated that they intend to add features to the new production tool in future updates

    I have found that the new tool produces videos faster than the legacy wizard, regardless of the setting of the new GPU check box


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