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Screencast Pro (new version) is slower to process videos than the classic version?



  • Paul Middlin

    Thanks for the question, Marc_Larochelle. The answer is that Screencast Classic didn't process your videos at all, so if you sent up a very large, high-bitrate video, it would leave it that way, which meant that the playback experience was often poor on the viewer's end, depending on their internet speed. Now, we take high-bitrate videos and process them to allow for better streaming.

    Still, we appreciate the feedback about it taking longer than you'd expect, and how you can't edit the details. I've shared this with the teams!

  • Marc_Larochelle

    Thank you Paul for the response which is most helpful and finally explains why the differences are so vast here.  I use HandBrake for all my videos so I think for the most part, they are very low size and very decent quality as a rule.  But I get that not everyone takes the time to use HandBrake, knows what it is, or why it's so helpful. So, I can see that processing the videos for folks will be a big help for most.  

    It might be nice to have the option to skip processing for a someone like me, but then I can understand too how that is extra programming and extra explanation for people.  At the very least, I'd like to ask if we can speed up the processing a bit!  I know, that comes at a cost on your end too.  
    Thanks again and keep up the good work.  Love TechSmith with my fav program being SnagIt.

  • Paul Middlin

    As of right now, we always reprocess anything over 1080p, so it is likely doing this even though you've taken the time to make your bitrate smaller. You're right that most (er, 99%+) don't, so that's why we do this. I say "as of now" because as times change, we will also likely change this 1080p limit some day. If you want to shortcut things as a workaround in the short-term and you're already using hand-brake, then set it for 1080p and an average bitrate below 4mbps (at least).


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