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  • Andre LeBlanc

    Matt, if this is a topic that has come up before, it might be worthwhile to either go back to the earlier thread(s) and vote up the first post.  Or, go into those old threads and post a link to this new one requesting that anyone in that thread 'up vote' your original post above. 
    Techsmith has said that they will look at this forum and note which threads have the most number of up-votes.  The idea is that the people that are most passionate about getting something considered will band together and up vote a single thread.

    ...or something like that.  :-)

  • Here's Johnny

    It seems the design of the Magic Mouse makes it prone to accidental scrolling by default.

    I'm referring to other applications as well. A touch scroll wheel seems like a bad idea to me, but that's my take.

    I'll vote for the feature because scrolling with a mouse wheel is a feature you can disable in most applications.

    It's never created a problem for me that I can recall.



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