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Camtasia, Audiate & SnagIt



  • Andre LeBlanc

    There is already a Snagit/Camtasia bundle.

    There is also a separate Camtasia/Audiate bundle (scroll down the Audiate page)

    You would likely talk to a sales rep to see if additional packages ("discounts") can be created or may already exist for all three.

  • Here's Johnny


    To the best of my knowledge.......

    The only time Techsmith offers discounts on upgrades is Cyber Monday.

    Its around 25% across the board savings. Obviously, bundling gets you nowhere but across the board savings offers more flexibility. 

    Bundles seem to be designed to serve new customers or old ones seeking new or multiple licenses.

    Given time to think about it, I have seen sales mid-year. As I recall, the deals are not nearly as good as Cyber Monday so I'm not sure what they entail. I never bothered looking beyond the email informing me there was a sale. 



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