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A way to better organise clips (.trec) files inside a project?



  • Mal Reynolds

    to not have a way to 'rename / resort / organise in folders' the individul recordings (.trec files) within the interface is crazy.

    I wouldn't disagree in principle. However if you DO have a bunch of recordings in the Media Bin, then renaming them after the fact would not be without some pain either. Therefore...

    I can rename them in the operating system, and then re-point the project to them - but that's unmanageable with lots of files when I'm not sure which is which from the operating system.

    My preferred method, back in the days when I used to use Camtasia more than once every blue and a half moons, was to give the recordings a systematic and descriptive name AS I recorded them. This was done by using the option setting Prompt For File Name:

    I used to use a separate folder for each project (sometimes with subfolders, but not often) and one nice thing about the recorder was that it would remember the last location that I saved to during that session. And because the File -> Save As dialog allowed me to see which files were already there, if I wanted to name them sequentially I could see which sequence number I was up to.

    I found that far easier than trying to rename them after the event.

    However I do agree that life would be much simpler if you were still able to rename them directly in the Media Bin. (In an ideal world you'd be able to tag them and rate them as well, but that's shooting for the stars rather than just the moon.)


  • Andre LeBlanc

    I agree with you both.  But I especially agree with Mal Reynolds regarding being prompted to choose your own path & filename for each recording.

    The first thing I do is create the folder where all my project data is going to live.
    Then whenever I create a trec file, it gets saved to that folder.
    In particular, if I'm recording in a fairly linear sequence, I'll name my trec files starting with a multiple of 10 as shown in the picture.
    The benefit of this naming convention is that 1) my content is easily viewed in linear/chronological order.  2) If I need to go back and do an edit or create new content between sequences, I can easily maintain the order by simply naming the intermediate file with an intermediate number. 
    For example, if I needed to add some content between clips 20 and 30, I'd name the new trec 25 {description}.  I will then just keep dividing up the numbers if I need to create more because the additional clips are going to be before or after "25". This maintains the file ordering both in the media bin and in Windows.  Also, putting the number first makes it easier to figure out in the Medina Bin since you'll always see the first part of the filename ("The number") at a glance.
    It would be rare that I need to add more than a few clips to after doing the primary recording, so this method works well for me. 

  • Here's Johnny

    You should be able to create folders in the media bin.

    Plus, create other bins.

  • kayakman
    Expert Camtasia User

    perhaps try this technique ...

    Feedback - Re-ording Media Bin Trec Clips 2023-04-28


  • Here's Johnny

    I can't believe that there isn't a better way to organize the .trec files inside a project.

    Well, Steve Atherton. I agree with you but I can believe it. I've been using the program for a very long time and improvements in this area never come.


    You'd have to search pretty hard to find another program as costly as Camtasia with as few features as the media bin.

    I'd gladly trade 120 transitions I'll never use, giant cursors and editable cursor paths. All features I don't require .

    Give me some bare bones functionality. 

    How about updating Quizzing features? I could ramble on. So I'll stop.

    Regardless, the media bin is antiquated. Its high time to stop ignoring it.



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