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Camtasia 2023 files cannot be opened in Camtasia 2022



  • I don't guarantee this works (it usually does) but you can edit the Camtasia .tscproj file in a notepad and decrease the version number. As long as you didn't use any effects or features that only exist in the newer version, it should work. This is a known hack around here since Techsmith isn't considering this yet.


  • Paul Engle

    I'd strongly recommend installing V.2022 on your home computer (see link below for how) so you're working from the same version between home and school. 


    I had a similar situation wherein my school was using V.15 of Adobe Premiere, which was a year or two behind V.2022. To be able to edit on my home PC and on the school's iMacs, I installed v.15 so that I was using the same version and could edit my projects (mostly) seamlessly. 

    If TechSmith's attitude on making current version projects openable in previous versions is anything like Adobe's, this is going to be a non-starter.  

  • Mona Ellis

    Thanks for the help.  I was able to get someone to install 2023 on my school computer.  2023 seems to work quicker with Audiate than 2022 did.  So I will stick with it and try the hack of changing the version notepad if I get in a crunch again.

  • Here's Johnny

    Mona Ellis

    The hack worked for a number of years but Techsmith changed something in the program so you can no longer do it with recent versions.

    Why it took them so long?

    Its what all the other software manufactures do. Or at least, I'm unaware of any other video editing programs that others hack backward.  

    New features won't work in older versions and program functionality differs.

    Plus, Techsmith provides free tech support for several years on Camtasia.

    The odds that some people have hacked projects backward with all the fanfare and promotion of their use in this forum are significant.

    It creates an environment that probably cost Techsmith $$$ by chasing Gremlins that popped up over hacking backward.

    Extremely smart members that know very little about video editing can read a post promoting hacking backward, latch onto the bravado and wind up contacting support when things go south.



  • kayakman
    Expert Camtasia User

    you can down-version Camtasia 2023 project to 2022, or to 2021 ...

    Feedback - Downversion Camtasia 2023 To Camtasia 2022 2023-05-12

    down-versioning has worked great, ever since Camtasia 2018, subject to a caveat with 2021 to 2020 conversions due to keystroke callouts

    the new "what's not supported" dialog when down-versioning from 2023 is a great improvement by TechSmith


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