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Auto Slice range for Clip Speed



  • kayakman
    Expert Camtasia User

    your request is valid

    I'd suggest a slight modification

    make a timeline selection with playhead's red/green handles

    the function would make splits on a selected clip[s] at the red and green handles

    the split section would remain selected, then many Camtasia functions could be quickly applied to that section

  • Thrasher

    Brilliant @kayakman! 

  • I also support this workflow if Techsmith ever considers doing it - same is needed for volume changes.

  • Here's Johnny

    With regards to applying clip speed to selected areas of a clip.

    Other manufactures use a feature called Speed ramping. You ramp the speed up and down where ever desired. Plus, the speed changes occur gradually and look much smoother. You have 100% control over how fast the transition is from normal to the new speed.

    To apply other effects to a segment of media. Adjustment layers can be used.

    You place an adjustment layer over the media just like you would a callout ,image, etc. Apply effects to it. The effects are applied to the media below.With adjustment layers you can move them upwards on the timeline,   media below that has the same effects applied to it.

    Its a more versatile approach than attaching effects directly to media. It has its uses and is similar to selecting an area of the timeline and adding effects without cutting the clip. You don't cut the clip and the size of an adjustment layer is 0 to infinity.


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