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Panoramic capture no longer working



  • David Howell

    What was it that you were trying to scroll? A web page (which one?) A desktop application (which one? what part?)

    One thing that may(?) help is to avoid moving the mouse cursor over/through the window being scrolled. Things may highlight or popup (like tooltips) that interfere with Snagit's ability to piece together all the frames captured while you're scrolling. It might help if you could take a video of what it is you're trying to capture while you're doing it (you'd have to use something besides Snagit -- do you have the Camtasia Recorder?)

  • Ephraim Baron

    Hi David,
    I have a support case on this problem (Request #1171314). I have uploaded a Camtasia screen capture video that shows exactly the problem I'm experiencing. If you have access to customer support cases, have a look.

    For the video, I was in a Chrome window with the TechSmith support case open. If I attempt a panoramic scrolling capture with Snagit 2023, the resulting capture window does not expand as I scroll. If I perform the same capture with Snagit 2022, it works as expected. Same machine. Same website. Same day.


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