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Camtasia Feature Feedback?


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  • kayakman
    Expert Camtasia User

    you can color code tracks using this technique ...

    How To Get Color Coded Tracks In Camtasia Projects 2021-04-28

    custom cursors are a feature in Camtasia 2023

    if you need to pause/resume voice narrations, use Camtasia Recorder in audio-only mode

    How To Use Recorder 2020 For Precision Voice Overs While Utilizing Pause And Preview 2021-03-11 ... method valid on Camtasia 2023

    regarding working with multiple projects, try these techniques ...

    How To Work With 2 Projects At Same Time In CS9 2020-09-11

    in Camtasia 2023 on a decent system, it's easy to just manage both on timeline at same time


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