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Captured images not appearing in my Screencast account



  • Paul Middlin

    Hi Phil,

    I'm guessing that you did not log in to Screencast with the same account that you used when you logged into TechSmith Capture. Because, you're right, you absolutely should see the content in your library.

    Try singing out of Capture and signing in again to be sure you're using the same email address?

  • Phil Mordecai

    Hi Paul - 

    Thanks for your response.

    I have tried a couple of times, but unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any indication in the app itself the email address being used.

    To clarify - while I have used Techsmith Capture in a previous life, this is the first time I have used it on a PC at home (so no confusion about the email address being used).

    I have another browser tab, currently logged into so I know which address it is and can confirm that it is my personal email address.

    Running Techsmith Capture on my PC for the first time today it prompted me to sign in, so I clicked on the button (wasn't aware that I had signed out when I last used it) and a new browser tab appeared in the same browser with the following:- 

    A short while after the app loaded (which I then used to take the capture, above).

    I can copy that URL into another browser and it appears, no problem - 

    Upon returning to the tab which is still logged into and refreshing it, the thumbnails for these two images have now appeared (the first time this has happened since I installed the app over the weekend) - 

    Why the 6-10 screen grabs I took previously using this app have not appeared in My Library is a mystery. What is interesting is if I grab either of the two URLs I included in my original post from yesterday and paste them into my other browser the pages appear with a page heading of "Screencast Classic" whereas the URLs created today look different. That said, they both appear to be associated with me -

    However, every single capture I have taken in the past 15 minutes creating this reply have appeared in my library.

    *scratches head*



  • Paul Middlin

    Heh, I can tell you why- I looked up the account from your "Screencast Classic" screenshots, and it is associated with an email address that is missing an "l" : "

    So, the screenshots that aren't showing up in your library are going to another account - one associated with a bad email address - and the ones you're taking now are going to the right account with your real email address.

    As to why the two sites - Screencast vs Screencast Classic - that is because we are doing a big upgrade on Screencast, and older versions of Capture (and our other products) were sending to Screencast Classic. You just happened to run into all this right at the moment you switched PCs and accidentally switched accounts.  We are (soon) providing ways to merge libraries together within an  account. However, we won't have a way to merge libraries across different accounts.


  • Phil Mordecai

    Thank you so much for continuing to look into this and discovering my error.

    Much appreciated.



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