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Save Callouts with Text?



  • Scott

    Thank you for the response, but can Snag-It itself save a Callout within its templates in Editor that have been uniquely formatted (Color, Added Text to, etc)?

    I frequently add Callouts to pictures that have the same text, such as Subject 1, Subject 2, etc.

    It gets repetitive to have to keep adding text each time I insert a Callout, when it would be very handy to just do one and then save it as a Quick Style and then be able to choose the one I want.  Would save a lot of time.

    Thank you again for the response though.

  • David Howell

    That is not possible today with any version of Snagit (that I'm aware of).

    It's an interesting thought though, I'll run the idea through our product designers.

  • Scott

    Yes, of course I know it is possible in other software, but my question is whether it is possible in Snag-It.   An employee responded back saying it is not possible.

    I appreciate your response, but if you know specifically know how to do it in Snag-It?

  • David Howell

    Yeah, Snagit does not save the text you enter in a callout with the other properties (like colors, font styles, etc.) If you are looking for a way to make this work with Snagit as it exists now, this idea (like it or not) occurs to me (maybe other users in this forum have ideas too [hint]):

    1. Create a New Image (File > New > New Image)
    2. Add a Callout object to it, set the style(s) you wish, add the text you want to preserve
    3. (This new image could host a bunch of different objects/styles.)
    4. Keep the image open in the tray (or at least have an easy way to find it in your library)
    5. When you want an instance of that callout (with the text you want), simply:
      * Select the object from that image (just click on it on the canvas)
      * Copy (Ctrl+C)
      * Open the image you want to insert that callout into
      * Paste (Ctrl+V)

    I realize this isn't real convenient, but it would give you access to your own "store" of objects you can copy+paste into any new captures.


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