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Fix for Windows Snipping Tool hijacking Print Screen



  • steveshe

    I think the reboot is key here, don't skip that step.. 

  • Pschl

    Thanks, Jstrong100!  I was just digging into this.  I was successful with simply turning off the switch in the keyboard accessibility area and rebooting; SnagIt recovered the hotkey just fine.  (I'll note I had checked the SnagIt setting a few minutes earlier and while it already said "PrtScrn" was active, I reset it.  So that may still be a needed step.)

  • Felixpena80

    All the above steps worked PERFECTLY; thank you

    Windows Settings and navigate to "Accessibility | Keyboard". 

     Turn that off. "Use the Print Screen key to open Snipping Tool." 

    Go to File |Capture Preferences"

    1. Click on "HotKeys"

    2. "Restore Defaults"

    3. Click on to re-enable the "Allow Snagit to override other hotkey assignments" checkbox.

    4. Click OK

    RESTART your computer and try again.

  • Redcharlotte

    Thank you so much Jstrong100. This worked perfectly for me. Really appreciate the help!

  • David

    Didn't need to reboot.  Didn't need to restart Snagit, either.  It just worked right away.

  • 4favor

    Jstrong100 thank you so very much!  I was baffled for about a week and reach out to tech support with no solution.  Appreciate your help.

  • j

    Thank you for this! I've been suffering for about a month. Your fix worked.

  • Beauty

    This worked - kind of . . . 

    Before I could just use fn + prt sc and could capture the screen. 

    Now, there is a permanent blue 'thingie" that lives at the top of my screen.  This wasn't there before Windows decided to override Snagit.

    Is there any way to get this to return to the fn + pre sc without having the blue dropdown box affixed permanently?  

    Thank You!

  • David

    In the capture preferences, which you can access via that blue bar, check in the General page.  You may have accidentally turned on Capture Window & Widget.  Just select the other option there, Capture Window.  That gets rid of the blue bar widget.

    You can also access the preferences by running the orange Snagit icon.


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