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  • Luke Griffioen

    That's a neat idea! I will pass it along to the team.

  • gregbaran76

    Thank you, very appreciated. It would really help a lot and doesnt sound like a super complex feature to introduce. Every time I need to cut some frames from the excel sheet, or framed image from photoshop canvas etc. it turns into an arcade precision game. With autsnapping it would make my life so much easier and Snaggit so much useful for me. This micro frame adjustment takes about 99.9999% of my time during cropping.. I really meant what I said that it can take me a few minutes before I select proper area.. hard to take a screenshot of taking screenshot but here its.. used my mobile for it. Hope that helps:Its really hard currently to align both, horizontal and vertical lines together to crop this window from this post for example.


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