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SnagIt 2023.2.0 Build 30713 will not show all fonts installed even after rebooting PC


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  • David Howell

    Snagit does some pre-checks before deciding to load any font from your system. If they fail that test, then Snagit rejects them. The history of the pass/fail of this test can be found in this file:


    where {user} = your Windows user name, {major-ver} is the version of Snagit you are running. If you open that file in a text editor (like Notepad), you can search for the font names which aren't working for you. If Snagit rejected them (for whatever reason), you will see an entry like:

    "AGaramond": false

    If you (exit Snagit first) change that value from false to true, and restart Snagit, it will bypass that test and just load the font.

    Be warned, the test is there to protect from faulty fonts which may cause Snagit to crash. If you are unable to start Snagit again after making that change, you should undo the edit(s) you made to that file.

    Let us know how that went. You can contact technical support if you run into any issues.



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