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    P Gurrapu

    Hi Richard,

    I appreciate your feedback on the conversation panel. Could you kindly provide more details about the "conversation panel"? Is this a feature you don't anticipate using? Additionally, I'm curious about the content you have on Screencast. Is it primarily one-way sharing, or do you expect interactions to follow after uploading content on Screencast?

    Thank you for your insights!

    Best regards,


  • richardmerry

    Hi Paul, 

    All my screenshots are to show people something with arrows and text to explain areas.  If it's to clients, we chat through email. If it's issues with other software, then there are support tools to discuss. 

    The problem today is that every software is adding what they feel are more features and functionality when, in fact, it just overlaps features from other software, therefore no benefit.  

    I don't need all the conversation clutter when sharing a screenshot. 

    Also not sure about the new scroll as it's not clear to scroll to see all the image.  I would prefer to have 'Fit To Page'  selected as standard so that people can see the whole image.

    I've been a Snagit paid user for quite a few years, and now when I share my screenshot there's a big 'Show Snagit trial banner' plastered across the top of the page unless I pay $100 a year to remove it.  it's just not a nice experience, and you're taking advantage.  If you're going to do something like this, make it an affiliate link.

    I do really like Snagit and do want to continue, but all this is an extra hassle.

    Best regards



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