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  • Mal Reynolds

    I'm hardly a fan of Techsmith these days but I have to admit I've not come across that before. I am not always logged in, but have never had any problem using Snagit when I'm not.

    As for the messages... which version are you on?

    If you go to the Edit menu, then Snagit Editor Preferences, do you see a setting for "Send Anonymous Usage Data"? It seems to be linked to the three radio button options which regulate which notifications you get. I have that turned off, because while I understand that TechSmith wants to understand how their product is used, I have no interest in ANY application phoning home with I-know-not-what data.

    In any case with that off I still DO get version upgrade notifications (which... is fair enough I suppose, since you need to know if you're running an outdated version), at least I DON'T get the "Hey, have you considered buying Camtasia / Library Assets /Whatever else TS is trying to flog this week" messages.

    Give it a try and see whether it helps.


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