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limiting quiz attempts



  • Walter Pelowski
    No, currently there is no way of limiting the responses.  Other educators have chosen to only accept the responses to the first quiz submitted.  I don't know if that's something you could do, but it's an option.

    Walter Mitchell Pelowski
    Customer Solutions Engineer
  • Cynthia Johnston
    Could you work on this?  It is difficult to accept only first quiz when there are 150 students in 9 sections and the quizzes are listed under their email address which are based on 3 letters and a number.  Not on a last or first name.
  • Walter Pelowski
    Thanks for the response on why this is problematic for you.  I will share your concerns and your feature request with the quizzing lead.
  • youngt
    Has this been added as a feature, cause I'm still not seeing it anywhere?
  • mari.m.menard
    I would love this feature added as well.
  • Peter von Buelow

    You can do it easy enough with an Excel macro. The "detailed" csv file gives all of the answers in the order they come in (I think - correct me if wrong). So you just need a loop to run through the answers and record (count) only the first entry.

    The problem I've run into is that they can login with a fake name, get the answers, and then login with their own name and get 100%. It would be nice if Camtasia would also capture some machine address from the submitters. Still not full proof but a help. Or allow and instructor supplied login list to restrict access to "real" students.


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