How do I capture a Windows application install?



  • Rickstone1975
    One of the odd things that happens is that oftentimes the User Account Control kicks in and you want that screen. I finally found a Windows Registry hack that allows the screen to be captured.

    If you open the registry editor and navigate to this location:

    There is a value named: PromptOnSecureDesktop

    So if you toggle that value you still get the prompt but will actually be able to screen capture it.

    Cheers... Rick :)
  • Glenn Hoeppner
    Hi bhagen,

    This is how I most often use Snagit myself.  We often have a lot of configuration changes we need to make to various software as part of setting up our development environments.

    For the things that can't be automated, I will take screenshots of the setup dialogs and write documentation that says "(un)check the boxes so they look like this image." I'll use callouts to highlight what you need to change from the default settings. I will also use the sequential number stamp to show what order various settings need to be adjusted.

    In a nutshell, I guess I'm saying your use case makes sense to me :)

  • Mike Curtis
    I sometimes record a video of the process and then Snag parts of the frames I need, or export and crop and trim the frames I need from the video.

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