i'm using camtasia illegally

Not planned



  • george
    The only people who can legally approve your request are TechSmith.
  • Tim Frost
    You are, most likely, using the FREE TRIAL version of Camtasia and not the fully licensed version.  Click on Help and then About to see if there is a license number there or if you are using the trial version.
  • Graham Moore
    Well Tim Frost the chances are he is using an illegal copy, its far to easy to get.....i had illegal copy of Camtasia 7 liked it when i was working paid for 8 an 9, if you are on a trial on your last day type "Repeat" it will extend trial ONCE by 30 days. Camtasia is an amazing product and compared to the rest its the cheapest for what you get......if your a student you get it even cheaper so do the right thing

    Lotfi, if you think Techsmith are going to say "Yes, you can use the copy, you have illegally downloaded and manipulated......think again"
  • stephensterry853
    Ha ha ha & LOL,

    The internet is a great place.
    You can post a permanent confession that covers your past and present illegal activity.

    Are there any other crimes "Past or Present"  you care to confess to and elaborate on today Graham Moore ???

    Go for it, you're on a roll.Why stop now?
    In one of your  previous posts you admit getting a refund on your purchase of Camtasia 8. Let me guess,you kept using the program after the money was refunded?https://feedback.techsmith.com/techsmith/topics/camtasia-9-audio-and-ui-glitches

    By my calculations, you owe TechSmith the cost of at least 1 one Camtasia update since you used Camtasia 7 illegally.
    Not only that you fully admit it.
    That's quite an admission. How many other programs have you pirated over the years???

  • Graham Moore
    LOL.....when i was a student yeah of course, just to correct you, 7 yes i did....8 i used when 1st came out but when i got my job i changed laptops, i bought 8 it was a GFX conflict with the new laptop, thats why they refunded, and the conflict doesnt exist on 9.....when your at university money is tight....if theres a choice of buying or using a file crack.....then file crack it is. i have nothing to hide, it is what it is, but now im working i paid for it, i could of done it with 9 but i chose not to as i could afford it
  • RobertLewis
    I can not condone your choice of using  an illegal copy in the past
    but if you have now purchased and are using a legal copy now,
    that says something about who you are Now or the person you want to become.

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