Is there a way to save an edit TechSmith presentations? I would like to save to my computer and to edit.




  • Walter Pelowski

      The short answer is, "Yes, you can often download the video created by TechSmith Relay in order to edit it."

    Long Answer
    1. Do you know if your school/institution is using the hosted or self-hosted version of Relay?
    2. If you're using the hosted version and you are the creator of the content, you should be able to login to the server, go to the video (via the link or by searching for it) and then by clicking the "Download" link.
    3. If you're not the owner/presenter of the video, you're not going to get a download link.
    4. If you're using a self-hosted version of Relay (the version that doesn't host the videos themselves) the process by which you get the video will depend on where the video is being hosted.
    Regardless of what version you have, once you get the video (typically an MP4 video) you can open that content in Camtasia in order to edit it as you see fit.

      Hope this helps a little.  Since the experience will depend upon what type of Relay you have and what type of user you are, I'm sorry I can't be more specific.

    Walter Mitchell Pelowski
    Customer Solutions Engineer
  • donnotdisplay
    We use the self hosted and there is no screen presented to us that looks like the one you displayed for us to download from.   Jessica and I work in the same dept.
  • Walter Pelowski

      Okay, in my instructions I indicated that #2 referred to the hosted version of Relay and therefore since you're using the self-hosted version, you wouldn't see the same screen since they're different products.  (Self-hosted Relay doesn't host any of the video content, it just creates it.)

      Referring to option #4 above (since you're using self-hosted Relay), it's going to depend on where your Relay administrator has Relay configured to publish.  Since with self-hosted Relay there are many different output destinations that can be configured, you'll have to speak to your server admin to ask the following..."Based on this output video URL (if the system is configured to provide a hyperlink, provide it to him or her) where might I go to download this video for editing?"
      Because hosted Relay is a known quantity for the publishing destination, I can quickly provide you an answer.  But for self-hosted Relay, where the customer configures and provides their own publishing destination(s) in the setup of each profile, I can't tell you where to go to get the video because it's different for every institution, and potentially even different for each profile configured for each institution.

    Walter Mitchell Pelowski
  • Jessica Shaw Hirshorn
    Thanks Walter for getting back to us. In the past year, I have found out more information. The self-hosted version that our university offers doesn't allow us to edit or re-record and is a very basic version. However, Jennifer if you speak with UTO (via Brendan) they can capture a recording for you. I had to do this for a student with disabilities, so I now have saved and editable versions of all of my presentations. It's not ideal, but there is a workaround. 

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