Feedback Request - New Community Process: Feature Requests



  • davemill
    When I opened my email yesterday, I found three duplicate messages from Robert R. of Techsmith. They were identical, longish posts to three different threads I had participated in during the last month, describing the review procedures for new ideas.

    While I'm sure the intent was good, the result is spammy and counterproductive. I participate in lots of forums, but Techsmith is the only vendor that creates this superfluous and content-free traffic.

    These messages actually create a disincentive to contribute to these threads, which is unfortunate. My respectful suggestion is to discontinue these messages.
  • davemill
    There's another drawback to the current practice of posting the same procedural follow-up message to every idea thread. Look at what happens in the forum listings: 

    The listing shows that Robert R replied recently to the thread. But he really didn't (I'm not picking personally on Robert!) He posted the same procedural message to the thread. Now I can't tell when somebody has posted content to a thread. 

    Again, I respectfully suggest that the current process is counter productive. Here's a idea: A flag or symbol of some kind, similar to the two flags circled in the image above, that only an authorized Techsmith rep could activate, that indicates the ide has been logged? If that flag had a link associated with it, clicking the link could take you to Robert's explanation of the process, the last five monthly roundups, etc.

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