What do you think of the new Screencast.com beta features and interface?



  • Jeff
    definitely a very positive step in the right direction. doesn't address the major IA, user/content authentication, and playlist issues, but adds some nice capabilities insofar as basic management of what's there (delete, move, search etc.). the interface approach is much better.
  • Mathtrain
    Great to see everything organized! Thanks!
    I look forward to playing around with it a bit more!
  • VideoTools
    I am having the same issue as a few people here...and the problem is we cant leave the beta view.

    This is got to be fix asap.
  • Tanffynnon
    Great Presentation. I have been wanting to move videos and folders around, and this makes that job so much easier. Easy to use with simple navigation.. like it a lot. Brilliant work!
  • Phil Flowers
    same here on all my m/c windows macs can not get out of the beta view no folders show...........
  • Regula
    I like the GUI and the functionalities a lot, but "All items" and "Videos" is empty though there should be 21 items.
    Thanx for fixing this! :o)
  • VideoTools
    This is the reply I got from support and it worked:

    In Internet Explorer, you can add those places as, "Trusted Sites" which Windows will use in your other browsers as well.

    With IE open use the following steps:

    - Go to the Tools menu
    - Internet Options
    - Switch to the Security tab
    - Make sure the Trusted Sites check mark is selected, then click the Sites button
    - Add the following:

    Then you can Close this dialog box, Internet Options, and Internet Explorer.

    Now retry loading the page in Firefox or Chrome.
  • Tim Barrie
    I think the new interface is great, very easy and intuitive to use and the search function is a big help. There are two comments / suggestions I would make.

    #1 The folder view on the left is difficult to navigate due to only the first part of the folder name being visible. I know that I can hold the cursor over the folder to see the full name and that helps but it is still difficult to easily scroll straight to a given folder. I suggest making it possible to widen the left hand column or making the folder name wrap so that the full name can be observed.

    #2 Nested folders / sub-folders are a must. I have seen the comments regarding the security issue with that but would suggest that a compromise of simply making every folder have it's own individual security setting should be doable - there is no need to have inherited security of folders. Just treat the folders as an organization view even allowing the same video to be in more than one folder - rather like the way "collections" work in Google Docs. Without the ability to have sub-folders it is VERY difficult to organized and manage large quantities of videos and related resources.
  • Mike Curtis
    Thank you for this great and thorough feedback. You offer some nice possible solutions!
  • Breathwork
    Great! nice clean easy to use, logical layout

    It might be nice to see the usage and bandwidth bars on the main page rather than having to click the account menu option to see them. Also a way to trigger a notification say when the bandwidth or usage gets to 90%...

  • frank.busch
    Like it much better than the old one. Good improvement. I would also like the possibility to copy a file or to duplicate it to a different folder.
    Now the only option I have is to upload it again.

  • Secure-MasterCard
    Was pleased to have all my videos organized in folders, as I had 79. Only problem, when I went to the websites where they were posted, they'd disappeared. AND they did not reappear when I reverted to the old version. Please help; I'm in the middle of launching a new product using these videos !!! PLUS, I have several other clients whose videos are posted here.
  • Mike Curtis
    Hi Secure, sorry to hear this. I saw your other post as well, and I am sure support and the developers will be investigating and may contact you asking for more details.
  • frisky.pirate
    A great improvement.

    1. Is there a way to delete folders? cant find

    2. Why not shorten the screen cast URL even more...it is currently 28 characters. Google has theirs down to 10 with goo.gl. their urls are almost 1/3 your size...28 is still too long.
  • Mike Curtis
    Hi Frisky,
    I can see how it's a little hidden, but here's how you can delete a folder: http://screencast.com/t/4UlcPTrH

    Good question about the URL. While the random part offers more security via obscurity, the "screencast.com" part is pretty long, and I suppose not everyone cares about having such a lengthy random part.
  • Nostromov
    Tnx, Mr. Mike; it's good enough - the delete - even though it's (kinda) not intuitive. :$
  • Aspire
    It does not save the changes when you change the thumbnail.
  • GraemeDunkley
    Much better and easier to use. can i re-size the panes? in particular the left hand 'folders' pane is not wide enough to tell my folders apart.
  • MichaelBetz
    Totally agree with Graeme. There are a long list of useful improvements listed here, but most are three years old. There does not appear to be any development activity on the 'new' beta site.
  • Mike Curtis
    For those that may have the problem about not seeing content or not being able to leave the beta, there is a comprehensive post and solution here: http://feedback.techsmith.com/techsmi...
  • BryonD.Gray
    We would really like for sub-folders to be created as well. It would help us out, and make this probably the best resource on the market. Positive note, I really do enjoy the new setup.
  • douglas.whitehill
    Interesting design, and I generally am OK with it, but I prefer simpler/more efficient designs in general. The mouse-over details window is a wee bit of "fluffy" overkill; I like the simpler details view that just simply shows off to the right of each video. Also, in the older interface, I can see all of the details for my videos in a folder at one time as opposed to mousing over each one one at a time.
    I also notice that the new interface's response/performance is a bit more sluggish. The older interface seems to respond a bit more quickly/snappily.
    So, the new one is OK, but I am not seeing enough real-deal improvements IMO to justify the new design. Again, I go for simplicity and speed of response/operation.
    Thanks for listening!
  • anibal.pacheco
    - Please enable renaming and deleting playlists as an option.
    - Allow the option of deleting files straight from the file
    - Enable the creation of Sub-Folders
    - Enable the ability to give different user rights to specific folders and multiple logins.
    - Restore the ability to get the share code from the videos itself like on the old version.
    Please bring back the sort by Date or enable a details view
  • Mike Curtis
    @ Byron thanks for another vote for subfolders and kind words.

    @ Douglas, it concerns us that you report it's more sluggish. Do you think it's a specific activity like opening a folder or maybe moving content that's sticking out to you? We've been getting a fair bit of feedback about people missing the details view. Thanks for posting.

    @ Anibal We'll do something about the playlists--that didn't make it into this phase so I'd use the "old" way for playlists for now. What does deleting files straight from the file mean? Can you elaborate a bit? Thanks for all your comments. To be sure we understand, in point 5, about the old way of sharing, do you mean how you could hover and click the little 3-pronged icon to bring up the share fields?
  • anibal.pacheco
    -The old interface has an option that allows you to hover over a file, select it and then you saw the garbage icon (delete) and 3-pronged share icon under the file.
  • GLHSLibrary
    I like the old view, with the details available. But, the Beta operates fine for me.
  • DebbieMcNeill
    Love the look and navigation. Much easier and cleaner. I've taken advantage of features that were always there but had not found them before. Nice job.

    Request: More personalization of the page themes. For instance, for the playlist, I would like to show the graphic, title and description in a vertical grid so that it is easier to read. Right now the thumbnails are too limiting. I want to put my colors, logo and contact information as well.

    Great start but I need to see more to continue using the service.

  • Kenneth Payne2
    I do like the new look but not happy with the pop up information box every time you tick a file selection box. Have reverted back to the old look for less stress.
  • Rob Zdrojewski
    I love the new beta view!

    Question- how do I (or can I) get the beta view to be the default view for the general public? I want everyone to see the new view because it appears to be easier for them to search my collection of videos here:

    Is this possible yet?
  • Mike Curtis
    Hi Kenneth, thanks for the feedback. I think we'll do some reworking on this.

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