What do you think of the new Screencast.com beta features and interface?



  • Win7Guru
    Here is what I would like to change with the new UI of Screencast.com http://feedback.techsmith.com/techsmi...
  • PhilBob
    Not easy to see how to see folders so that you can change Privacy settings on the folder.
  • HaleyWierima
    I would've liked it more if it included sub-folders. The look of the Beta version is nice though! Upgrade us to subfolders, pleeeaasse.
  • MicahGanske
    I love the new functionality but a vital thing that needs to be put back in is the ability to 1-click share. Before I could mouse over and click the share button but now I have to click the check-box and then click on the share button above.

    Actually I would love to be able to mouse over and click a button to automatically copy the URL for the video into my clipboard. That would be ideal.

    I would also like a one-click solution for displaying all the videos in a folder at once instead of having to click "show more" "show more" "show more".

    Thanks for listening!
  • Jamie
    I'm pretty new to Screencast, so I didn't really work in the old environment, but Beta is so user friendly (and the user side is so user friendly) that we're considering moving all our training materials for a particular workspace here!

    However, because this is intended to primarily be a video medium, we're testing whether users will be off-put by how PDFs are presented. What's visible to the end user with static documents can look like an error at first glance and we all know how terrible people generally are at reading instructions when things don't look the way they want.

    Also, I really wish that Screencast offered file versioning or replacement options since an existing URL cannot be transferred to a newly uploaded file. Maybe it's just because I'm new to the environment or the world of training in general, but I (and most folks I work with) always find a need to reorganize as projects/materials change and expand.

    As others have mentioned, subfolders would be really helpful too. Oh, and could someone clue me in...how do I delete folders or playlists in beta if I don't want them? And how do I organize the order of videos on playlists?

    Thanks for a great service. I look forward to seeing you incorporate everyone's feedback!
  • argienchar
    I like the new look. It looks neat and orderly than the first layout. So user-friendly too. I'm glad you've thought of changing the layout because the old is totally a mess IMHO. :)
  • stascrash
    Needs SHOW ALL button. it sucks to press LOAD MORE 10 times in a row to find a picture, CLICK on it, expand it and when you return it is shrinked it all again.
    When you open folder settings it would be nice that when you press save the panel would move back up OR to have CLOSE (X) sign in upper right, hard to spot the Folder button on the bottom left. it blends with images.
    Sort by must have OLDEST next to NEWEST.
    over all - great job.
  • Kent Barclay
    I can't figure out how to delete a folder
  • Groobiecat
    Great look/feel. Here's what doesn't work today: Desktop uploader. Browse uploader (within web browser). Jing uploader. Deletions don't work.
  • Punch
    This is awesome really like being able to search all folders for a video!

    Probably a bit of topic but I have been having a problem with menus hiding behind the videos when I embed to my site.
    By adding
    into the paramaters of the video code problem is fixed.

    Using Joomla site

    you guys are doing a great job
  • acidbraden
    I like it overall, however, I wish there was more room under the thumbnails to show the entire name of the files. The Details view is somewhat better once you have expanded each selection, and I really like the quick access to details in that view.
  • ttxwnet
    I can't find away to manage playlists, they are created automatically when I share password protected content and when I click the try and manage them, they start playing - no way to not autostart. If you hurry you can just catch the Manage button before the playing to delete the seemingly public playlist. It took 5 starts & misses before i click the manage button. waste of time.
    I switched back.

    I love jing and I love camtasia Studio & the non-beta library.
    Mac with FF6.
  • raylasky12
    I really would like a sub folder option in screencast. Sub folders have been around for a long while...and im uncertain what it would take to get them into your architecture...but im quite frustrated that everything I have to do requires a new separate folder and not a sub-folder. Could you guys consider building a subfolder.?

    Are there some brain bender issues that you know about...that i dont...that might make this hard for you to do?


  • LarryWilliamson
    I think you might need a UX person, there are to many steps to get to certain "dialogs" (ie: privacy)... and does it really need to be it's own tab? :)

    I think there should be an icon representing the current state, that drops down a list of public, hidden, password, etc. Just a thought ;)

    Something to think about!
  • leshchinskii
    Positive - I found it easier to navigate and do mass-copying etc.

    Negative - I can't figure out, how I can share hidden Playlists in beta version. In old version I just click on share and I have a huge menu of options - link, embed, Mediaroll (my favorite). It looks like that in beta version hidden lists can't be shared anymore and even for public lists mediaroll and embed are either gone or not easy to find (I couldn't)
  • Mike Curtis
    Thank you for the feedback! Here's how you can get the MediaRoll code: http://screencast.com/t/qsnh3VeZ I can see how that is more hidden than the previous interface.

    Thanks again, and I hope you'll keep the feedback coming!
    Mike Curtis
    User Assistance
  • leshchinskii

    It's good to know that this feature is enable for newly created lists!
    I don't see a similar icon for my pre-existing lists: Picture of my screenshot.

    Thanks, Dima
  • Mike Curtis
    Drat. I think I left out a key piece of information. Check the privacy level--you can't share Hidden playlists, for example.

    Here's how you change the privacy: http://screencast.com/t/Jna2S894

    I hope that helps! :)
    Mike Curtis
  • leshchinskii
    Oh, I see...
    That's too bad, because the classic (old) version allowed to share hidden playlists, which was very convenient if I wanted to share solutions to assignments with only one section.
    I'll stick with the old version then. I hope the developers will reconsider and reintroduce sharing of hidden playlists.
    Thank you again, Dima
  • carsonpat
    Just switched to Beta - terrific look. Much more user friendly.

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    Beta is Beautiful.
  • stzoid
    Add an option to have the Title of the video appear in large type above the video area. Right now the Title appears inside the detail section below the video. Title helps the user know which video they selected and are currently viewing.
  • stzoid
    Include the share link in the file list (currently shows bandwidth, title, upload date, file type, etc.) Reason - I have to pull up each video one at a time, click Share to find the share link in order to copy-paste to my website, and I have to do this for dozens of videos at a time.
  • Mike Curtis
    Good idea. That makes a lot of sense... Thanks!
  • David Kaleky
    Provide an enlargement of the thumbnail with a mouse rollover, and/or automatically open a thumbnail in another tab. Reason being if I want to clean up and delete it will speed up process
  • Evelyn Adams
    Hello, am a new user to most of the medias in screencast.com. Should I wait on the beta and begin with the "old"? Am game on either way but what are your recommendations? Thanks
  • mnewman.gca
    Enjoying the ability to create a Jing training library for the staff I work with, but the ability for end users to search within a folder would be beneficial. We plan on having well over 100 videos and would love a keyword search function instead of having to scroll.
  • dhebb
    Not very functional - creating a new folder was not intuitive, and once creating it, adjusting privacy required switching tabs and they various options were only listed under a drop down menu with no explanation - old UI had all options listed as well as explanations. New way has more steps and is too visually busy - finding and managing using icons is much more confusing and harder to find things - lists are easier, quicker and more intuitive. Don't be seduced by pretty little icons! It's harder to work that way!
  • Kim Murdock
    I like it.
    I've noticed that when I look at videos, the screencast banner across the top gives me breadcrumbs and a link to return to my main view. However, when I look at images, the banner disappears and I have to use the Back button of the browser. If it's just one or two images, no big deal. But if I've looked at a bunch of images, it can take a while.

    Further thought: It doesn't seem to be about images, it seems to be about the Snagit folder. If I put either an image or a video captured with Snagit into a folder named Snagit (which I created, by the way), the screen displays as described above. In fact, I'll add an image here that illustrates the difference in interface. I am fine with the look for a viewer, but for me as manager, I'd like to be able to get back to my folders quickly (and consistently).
  • Michael
    The button to edit the details of uploaded content was too difficult to find. I expected it to be in the top bar, which contains buttons with action items. It seemed unintuitive for me to be able to edit content under "view:"

    The left folder hierarchy could use more breathing space as well; it feels cluttered to me.
  • khono
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