What do you think of the new Screencast.com beta features and interface?



  • MichaelBetz
    Hey, Mike Curtis and others:  Are there any plans to take the three-year-old Beta view and make it "official." And what about improvements to Screencast? You have three years' worth of suggestions but - as far as I can tell - there has been no development during that time. Does Screencast have a future or is it time for us to look elsewhere?
  • Curtis Nichols
    Yeah, at 3-years-old, this Beta is moving right along.  I've seen updates come out for Camtasia. Screencast seems to be a project left behind, but runs well without much supervision.  That's how it appears to me.  No improvements or attention. But works as well as it did three years ago.

  • Andrew Bell
    That's correct, we haven't improved the interface to Screencast.com in awhile. We've been improving performance and infrastructure on the backend. Overall our focus is on long term projects that we expect to replace the backend of Screencast.com functionality while maintaining the front end features (and enhancing them) that exists today.

    The feedback on the beta interface has been helpful. There are definitely some things we'd like to address. Overall, it's provided an option to managing content better than existed before. I'm excited to get back to it and improve it further in the future; our plans are to bring it into the future, not leave it behind.

    Andy Bell - Product Owner
  • MichaelBetz
    Thanks for the reply, Andy. It's good to hear TechSmith hasn't bailed on Screencast. We've found it to be a very good way to share our work product with clients - when it's working properly. We're seeing some improvements in the reliability of late, so keep up the good work on the backend!

    And - since I have your attention - I have an additional request:  Allow us to buy more storage space! We use very little bandwidth (which is available for additional purchase), but we're always bumping up against our 25 GB storage limit:
    That's what happens when you have dozens of clients and hundreds of videos. We'd gladly pay more! Thanks for your consideration.
  • Brian E. Bennett
    Hi Michael,
    Glad to hear you're really taking advantage of your Screencast Pro account :-)

    We usually don't run into people running out of storage space, but we can help you out. Our sales contact page has a phone number as well as a web form you can use to ask about expanding your storage.

  • MichaelBetz
    Thanks, Brian! We're checking in with sales.
  • Tim

    I see the original post asking for views of the beta is 3 years old and the latest comments just 3 months old.  How long does it take to get from beta to release!!

    Having said that - I like the current beta.  Much more functionality.  Multi select and action is a real step forward.  Overall the UI is OK (I preferred the look & feel of the older one) but I happily give up the look & feel for the extra functionality.

  • wickwood
    I attempted to download several (11) videos  at once for my own archive before deleting them, but the stupid thing tried to download at least 11 copies of every video, and before I knew it I had exceeded my bandwidth limit.  So not happy here!
    And the only way I could stop it was to quit the browser.  I was using Chrome on a MacBook Pro.
  • Wayne Rowlett

    I absolutely love the new setup! It does have a few quirks but I think you guys are on the right path. I'd like to be able to drag and sort my videos in a particular order just for my OCD. We have a school and I'm doing multiple projects each with their own series if you will. I don't like things to be scattered all about. The playlists defiantly helps. Good job!

  • ahrq
    Yeah, i just landed here with the exact same problem.  Looks like Techsmith has abandoned us all and this product after releasing the beta 4 years ago.  Now to go download the 200 separate video files manually.  *sigh*
  • jsouthworth
    We need the last modified date/time for each video. Just like we have in the current Library!
  • GuardianMajor
    The interface is clumsy, looks aren't everything, it has to function right. For example:

    1. No way to just delete a folder and its contents.
    2. Deleting individual files or multiple selected files, don't work (Chrome on Windows 10)

    Just so cumbersome and unfriendly, I guess I should just stick with MediaFire and upload the screenshots and get links myself without relying on this system. It has become less and less friendly, more buggy and less and less useful.
  • KevinBrownX
    Why is this still in Beta?  I see comments from 5 years ago.  The interface looks fine to me but when I select videos and screen shots to be deleted and hit the delete button, nothing happens.  Nothing is deleted.   If you need help with this, you can pay me and i'll send my crew to get this up and running.  Just let me know.
  • hhood
    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Screencast.com BETA.

    Within the first 5 minutes using the new Screencast.com Beta sold me. It is 100 times easier to maneuver and a breeze to find your data. They got it right, well done!
  • Stefan
    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled When Screencast.com library view will come out of Beta ?.

    I see Sangit got a sleek modern UI and Camtasia Studio 9  seems to get a revamped as well.

    Will Screencast get the same treatment for the sake of consistency?

    Or at least willl the library view come out of beta this year?
  • Guy Larcom
    Thank you everyone for providing feedback! We have moved the new Library out of Beta. If you would like to learn more, or provide feedback, please see this post.

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