Can You Edit PDF files using Snagit?



  • David M. Converse
    Thank you for the feedback! I can't comment on any feature requests, but can you help us understand what you need to do that existing PDF editing tools such as Adobe Acrobat, Foxit, PDFPen or Apple Preview aren't doing for you?
  • Chambrelwarden
    Hello, David - I would like the PDF editing feature for this case:  When blank double-sided documents are scanned, they sometimes bleed the back printing through to the front.  This latest Snagit version has the capability of cleaning all that stuff up, plus it has the best editing features going.  So when I place text on one of these documents, I want it to end up looking clean, not like it came out of a trash can.  Snagit could help me do that, at least now in this latest version.  EXCEPT that PDF's are not a supported document file to open in the Editor.  Isn't it about time to add this important feature?  I vote FOR it.
  • Christian roy
    I can answer David's question: Simplicity!

    I want to take a PDF and turn it into an image and add arrows and boxes with text.

    What Snaggit would read the PDF but make it an image to work with?
  • Robert Rainey
    Yes. You have to print them to Snagit. Setup a printer that will print to Snagit and it will open in Snagit Editor when you print it from Adobe or w/e software your using to view the pdf.
  • BB
    Hi All,

    when PDF file has for instance 3 pages, only one page is opening in Snagit when I use print option. Does anybony know how to set up printer (or snagit) to "move" all pages from PDF to snagit??
  • Jerry White

    I could not get this feature to work with Sangit 11. ;(
  • becofuan
    Did you check whether Snagit has an API that can integrate with a PDF edit control which allow you to edit and modify PDF? 
  • Elie Ilano
    Useful article . For what it's worth , if your company want to merge PDF or PNG files , my kids used a service here <a href=""; ></a> also here
  • Jason Clark
    If you look at the bottom of your Snagit Editor, you will see Page 1 of 3. Click the arrows to go to the next page.
  • Janet Smith
    Snagit Editor is designed for users to edit images. So I don't use it to edit PDF images, texts or other objects on PDF. 
  • carlacurrie
    PDFelement for Mac - Powerful Tool to Edit / Convert / Create PDFs (including scanned PDF files)
  • Denis Gomes
    i have a macbook, how can i get a PDF file open in snagit to edit?
  • Nathan Calimbo
    You need to open the Preferences menu and choose Snagit as a primary application for open PDF files with. But yet, from MacBook you could use Preview feature to edit PDFs, cheap editing software like this one aswell 
  • rmerryman

    Replying to David. In short, we want to use SnagIt to do the editing because we love using that software. Why would I want to use another editor (including some of the others that have to be purchased) and use annotation features that pale in comparison to SnagIt? The answer seems simple enough. This should be a format that 1) can be opened in SnagIt and 2) can be edited using the excellent notation/annotation tools SnagIt provides. My vote is +1 for YES to add this feature.


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