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How to automatically finish profile?




  • Jason Eagleston
    Hi Brian,

    The key to getting your profile to "Finish" without that last step you mention in the Editor is to turn off the option to display your capture in Editor. If you toggle off this option: http://screencast.com/t/KRgx8Upp0O in the Snagit capture window for your "Region Capture Profile to Output Clipboard" profile, Snagit will bypass that step.

    Let us know if you have any questions, and have a wonderful day!
  • Mike

    I completely agree with Hawkeye.  There is no reason we should have to click the "finish profile" button.  We have already set up the profile to open the editor and share to clipboard.  The need to click "finish profile" every time so that it shares the way you have already configured the program is an unnecessary step.
  • Jason Eagleston
    Hi Mike, 

    The reason "Finish Profile" is required as a separate step is if Snagit immediately shares to the clipboard, you won't have a chance to make edits (add arrows, callouts, etc.). However, if you don't have to make edits and want to bypass the "Finish Profile" step, you can set up your profile to NOT preview in Snagit Editor (unchecking this option: http://screencast.com/t/KRgx8Upp0O). Once that is setup you can take a capture and it will be immediately shared to the clipboard. 

    I hope this helps out! Please don't hesitate to ask you have additional questions or need more explanation. 



  • Jonathan
    Thanks Jason, the explanation is very clear, but I agree with Mike and Hawkeye! 

    I would also like to capture something and have it go directly to the editor and clipboard without any further clicks.  

    I understand that some people might want to make edits before pasting it to the clipboard but this is not something I do.  If I want to edit it further then I wouldn't mind copying it manually.

    Also, I understand the other option, of just sending the capture to the clipboard, but I like having a collection of recent captures in the Editor, that I can reuse later.

    Also, do people that choose multiple destinations remember to click 'finish profile'? What does your user data say?  
  • me
    The data from THIS user says having to click "finish profile" is irritating.  Can't it just finish up the profile for me?
  • tobit2001
    I just made the mistake of installing SnagIt 12, and it appears this issue has still not been resolved, and (as the icing on the cake), my workaround that functioned in SnagIt 11 has been disabled as well.

    I'm legitimately perplexed by the lack of understanding or response to this. I need SnagIt to do two things when I hit my hotkey and take a screenshot, 1) open up my screenshot in Editor and 2) copy my screenshot to my clipboard.

    If I decide that I do not need to make any edits to my screengrab (the most common scenario), I'm all set to go, the image is already on my clipboard. If I decide to make edits, I make them, and then click Copy All to refresh the image on my clipboard. There is absolutely no harm in having the image copied to the clipboard automatically, and it is decidedly faster than having to "Finish Profile" every...single...time...



    It turns out my original workaround still works. Thank goodness.

    In your profile settings, turn off Editor review.

    In "Share" select Clipboard and Program. Click on the Share properties icon (the gear) and add the Snagit Editor executable file to the list of programs.

    Any screenshot you take with this profile will be on your clipboard automatically and also in your SnagIt Editor.
  • jeparks
    Excellent workaround tobit2001...

  • timothy

    I'm also expecting the same functionality as the other users explained above.
    I want a screenshot to go directly to both 'clipboard' and 'snagit editor'.
    Most of the time I will paste a screenshot directly via the clipboard in the document.
    In case I would decide to edit a screenshot I'll have no issue with copying that edited screenshot manually to the clipboard.

    Thank you for quickly enabling this possibility !
  • dp2k1
    We have been using this since version 6 and completely agree that the "Finish Profile" step is COUNTER PRODUCTIVE and BREAKING our workflow that we have used since YEARS. Please turn it off or give us a way to "opt-in" or turn it off in the registry or elsewhere. As many have said before - we need BOTH - we need to send to Clipboard AND we need to preview in the Editor AT THE SAME TIME WITHOUT CLICKING ON "Finish Profile" :(
    In some workflows with the multiple destinations, we send it to the Editor, AND Clipboard AND Printer AND something else - In the full screen mode with HUNDREDS of captures per minute, do you seriously believe we have time to sit and click "Finish" for EACH capture? Please turn this madness OFF.
  • Kelly Mullins
    Please follow these steps to take a capture, place it on the clipboard, view it in Editor, without the FINISH button:
    1. Click Manage Profiles.
    2. In the Profile Manager, click the green New Profile button.
    3. Name this profile.
    4. Under the Share menu, select Program.
    5. Click the gear icon.
    6. In the Program tab, click Add.
    7. In the Add Program dialog, click the folder icon and browse and select Snagit 32 from the TechSmith > Snagit program folder. Click Open.
    8. Click OK.
    9. In the Share menu, choose Multiple Destinations.
    10. In the Share menu, choose Clipboard.
    11. Assign this profile a hotkey if desired.
    12. Click Save.
    Take a capture using your new profile. The capture will be on the clipboard AND show in the Editor with the Finish button.

    I hope this helps.
    User Assistance
  • Danny Diaz
    thank you tobit !!!! 

    we shouldnt have to find a work around. as mentioned before. if youre going to force us to hit finish profile after we make edits, why not just auto copy to clip board and we hit copy all to copy edited imaged to clipboard...
  • timothy

    Thank you Tobit !

    Your work around works like a charm.

  • Krzysztof Waściński

    I am using freshly installed version 2020 and I just found the workaround (take a capture, place it on the clipboard, view it in Editor, without the FINISH button) is still required. Thankfully is still works.

    I am just wondering why TechSmith is reluctant to abandon that "Finish profile" strategy in the tooling for so many years, despite the fact that it is clearly counter-productive. People use the tool differently than architect predicted - they want to had the editor opened but only actually use it / edit captures occasionally. Mostly capture goes through clipboard directly to destination. 
  • haughki
    I'm glad I found the post and reply:  it was very helpful.  But, what I actually want is a slightly different workflow:
    • capture something
    • it automatically goes into the editor and clipboard (without any clicks or other extra steps)
    • I can choose to paste somewhere from clipboard or go to the editor and edit, etc.
    In the case of this workflow, needing to click the "finish profile" button adds two extra clicks in an app which is, to me, all about reducing manual steps.  I'm guessing there's an otherwise good reason for the finish profile button, but it would be really nice to have an "automatically finish profile" option (ideally default for me; so actually a "require 'finish profile' button click") which just automatically does everything you want in a profile without requiring extra manual steps.
  • Nicole Pulling

    Hi all- Great news! In the new Snagit 13 (Win) and Snagit 4 (Mac) released today there’s now an easy way to send a capture to the clipboard AND into the editor...without opening the editor. The new capture window has two simple toggles so you can set these options on the fly and change them whenever you like

    You can also bake the settings into a preset (what used to be called profile), which can be triggered by a hotkey, a click on the preset, or the big, red button. Here’s how to create presets in Snagit 13 and Snagit 4

    Read more about what’s new in this version.

    Try out the new version of Snagit for 15 days – download it here.

    If you own a license to any earlier version of Snagit on Windows or Mac, you can upgrade to the latest and greatest for only $24.95 USD – see upgrade details here.

    Thanks again and be sure to reach out to our Technical Support team if you run into any more issues!


    Could we please get a "Open in Editor" option?


    I want a functionality similar to the others here. I am switching from PicPick to SnagIt, but PicPick has the benefit of saving the file, then opening it up in their editor and if I want to make changes, I can just save and overwrite the file.


    I might be able to do this with Kelly's solution, but I am unable to see "Multiple Destinations" inside the share section in the latest version of SnagIt. (I am trying to just save my screenshots to a file not the clipboard)


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