Drop down menu disappears when I try to capture




  • Fred W. Grover
    Hello Patricia. Can you tell me what you are trying to capture in the dropdown? Is it a software menu or application menu, etc.? Also, are you using the PC Version 11 or Mac for SnagIt? Any more details might help. You can also check out the Tutorials for both versions of SnagIT 11 and it has PC and Mac for a good start. They I do believe have a tutorial on how to do a dropdown capture. I hope this helps and thanks for posting. Have a great Snagcastic Day!
  • Kelley BG
    I found an easier solution that doesn't need Snipit or any other capturing tool.  Simply click and hold down your cursor on the menu itself, then use your other hand to ALT + Print Screen to capture the image, then drop it into Paint or any other graphic editting program.  Works like a charm! 
  • Erika Smith

    If you would like to capture just the menu you can try menu capture. In the Profile Settings area under Capture Type select Menu. Navigate to the menu you want to capture. With the menu open press your hotkey (print screen). This will allow you capture the menu and sub menus that are displayed on the screen.

    I hope this helps.

    If you have further questions, please ask.

  • vlisinski
    I can't find Profile Settings or Capture Type. I have the newest version of SnagIt, on a PC
  • PLamarche
    Hi Erika,

    I am using SnagIT 10.0.1 PC version and the dropdown would be an application menu. When I click on the dropdown and click on capture, it automatically closes my drop down and no image is taken. I know that this was not an issue with the earlier version... so maybe it's my setup. My collegues have always used All-in-One capture and have been able to capture the drop down. I did try the menu capture and that doesn't work either. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  • Rene
    I was having the same problem with my app's dropdown menus. Stumbled upon a solution:

    1. When you open your app, leave a little bit of desktop space available behind it because you are going to click there. In other words, make sure your app does not fill the entire screen.
    2. Within Snagit, select the default Region profile; turn on the Timer.
    3. Display your app and click the dropdown menu you want to capture so that it is displayed.
    4. At the end of the timer when Snagit outlines your app, click outside the app to get your capture.

    Hope this works for you!
  • PLamarche
    Hello everyone,

    Many thanks for your solutions but I have tried everything suggested and they don't work. Unlike prior versions, I think that SnagIT 10 is not compatible with our O/S Microsoft Dynamix AX4 as nothing works. The hotkey works perfectly for All-in-One for everything else re: Excel dropdowns and other applications other than Dynamix AX4. In the meantime, I must close SnagIT completely and take a regular print screen and paste in Painting soI can then snag an image from that. Hopefully this will not be a problem with Microsoft Dynamix AX2012 which will be operational by the end of the year.

    If you have other solutions, please let me know...

    Again, thanks for all of your responses, much appreciated.

  • Alexanderasmus
    Solution! Go to Tools/Capture/Input/Properties/General, for 'Window capture title bar transparency', select 'Actual title bar'.

    I have no idea why this works, but it does!
  • slhenty
    Don't know why Alexanderasmus' solution works, but it does.This wasn't a problem (or an option?) in previous versions of SnagIt.
  • coastalbill
    Alexanderasmus' solution worked for me too!! Thanks so much. It was driving me crazy.
  • Marcel
    Coming back on this old thread. Am not sure where to find this in v.11.2.1.
    Any suggestions?



  • JC X
    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
    Snagit-How do you capture a drop-down menu quickly and easily?.

    With SnagIt, I want to be able to get a screen shot of a drop-down menu. But when I set it to delay, then click the drop-down menu to open it, I can't select the actual object I want to capture. Please provide step-by-step, idiot-proof instructions on how to do this.
  • Rachel Bennett
    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
    Can I capture a drop-down list?.

    When clicking drop-down and then capture, the drop-down goes away.
  • donnamae
    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
    Timed capture not capturing menu.

    Taking a timed screen capture does not capture the drop down menu. As soon as the timer goes off it closes the menu.

    This worked on another machine but not on this one. On the first machine I just used the defaults and it worked perfectly. On the second machine is closes the menu and just takes a shot of the application main screen.

    This is frustrating because we demonstrated it on the first machine in order to purchase it and now it isn't working.

    I don't think I did anything different between the two machines. Any suggestions on what is going wrong?
  • vlisinski
    I could do this in the older version of SnagIt, but now I cannot in v. 12
  • Kelly Mullins
    Since this is an older topic you are posting in, can you please let us know the trouble you are having?
    I did just answer another post about taking a capture of a cascading menu. Here is that information:

    There are a couple of tricks or nuances to this capture:
    1. Start a new profile in the Profile manager and choose the Menu capture option.
    2. Set the timer to 5 second delay to give you time to open the menu. 
    3. Also, set the menu preference to capture the main bar if you want that part.
    4. And, ensure the capture window is AWAY from your menu or else it will get in the way since it stays open until the capture is complete.
    5. Finally,
      where ever your mouse is, THAT is where the capture is taken. So, you
      want to open the menu then pause on the last part of the menu until the
      capture is taken.
    I have made a video here that shows a successful menu capture process.

    I hope this helps! It if doesn't, let us know.

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  • TomNLP
    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
    Capturing Scrolling Combo/Down-Down Boxes.

    How do you capture with Snagit the contents of a scrolling combo (drop-down) box? For example, the Countries on the TechSmith order form.
  • Kim Wolfe
    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
    Capturing an image with dropdown lists.

    Is there a way to capture an image through Snagit that could include instructions such as a dropdown list and cursor? I'm creating an instructions manual for a web tool, and need to show an image showing the expansion of a dropdown list, but the dropdown doesn't freeze in place while I pick up the Snagit tool!
  • shymes
    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
    Problem with menu capture snagit 11.

    snagit v 11 - menu capture does not work! Don't know what I'm doing wrong - but tried using time delay - and image in editor is nothing more than alternating small squares
  • rstrahl13
    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
    No Windows Capture with open Menus?.

    Here's change from SnagIt 9 that is a problem for me: It appears I can no longer do Window captures when the window captured has a menu open. I want to capture a window with the menu open and mouse cursor showing. If I do a timed capture or press PrtScreen I get the all in one display to select my window which looks fine, but then when I click the to accept the capture area the menu disappears and the capture loses it.

    How can I capture my window with the active menu captured?

    +++ RIck ---
  • Melissa Byrom
    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
    Can you capture a dropdown menu using Snagit?.

    I've recently had SnagIT installed on my work laptop and have been assigned to gathering the advantages of using SnagIT versus SNIPIT, etc. which are free tools. One of the needs that were identifed was the ability to capture dropdown menus. I'd like to know if anyone is aware whether or not SNAGIT can perform this functionality, please?
  • Connie
    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
    Can't get the drop down window to stay open when in timer mode.

    I can't get the drop down window to stay open in the timer mode when I click to capture - or even when I have it timed to just capture automatically. I used to be able to do this - wondering how to work around this
  • Liane Davis
    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
    Capture a screen shot with an open menu?.

    I am attempting to capture a screen shot with an open menu. I have a hot key set up to capture the open window. When I click on the hot key, and then click the cursor, the menu closes and the screen shot shows the selected menu item. I want the whole menu displayed. I used to be able to do this, but was upgraded recently to SnagIt 10. Help!!
  • Gail Gokey
    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
    How do I capture overlays?.

    I am using Snagit 11 and can not seem to do a screen capture that includes a display of an open drop down list or pop up window on top of the screen. As a new user I haven't had time to get much beyond the basics. Can you point me in the right direction for further research since this is essential to some of my training documents?
  • anuhea55

    I'm missing something here in this thread.  You all are saying that if you select something like View or Favorites or Tools from the top line and the dropdown appears showing the contents under these items...that you cannot do a SnagIt screen capture because the dropdown disappears?

    I'm using IE 11.0 and the dropdowns do not disappear when I use the SnagIt hotkey.  Not sure about an earlier versions.  Also using 11 version of SnagIt.  I don't like 11.4 because of a bug in the Folder Tree, but that conversation in in another thread.

    Now, if you are trying to capture something that is located on the SnagIt Editor or the Snagit main window that you are working on, then yes these will disappear when you hot key capture.  However, there is a fix for this.  Open the SnagIt main panel and go to Tools/program preference/program options/ and uncheck the box "hide snagit before capturing".  Now you can capture a SnagIt window and show to your friends. 

    Also, the SNIPIT free MS program is no comparison to SnagIt. For one, cannot convert/substitute color changes and cannot add text/arrows directly to capture.

    If I'm missing this pulldown issue, insert a picture of the type of an open drop down list or a pop up window....what does this look like

  • cnel1326
    I heard others stating the same issue with version 11. I was able to correct the issue similar to how Alexander stated above - with 11, go to "Capture/Capture Type/Properties..." Instead of setting the Window capture title bar to "Actual title bar" I set it to "Transparent title bar" and can now capture my dropdown's as needed. I'd bet that if you just pick the different settings you'll find one that will correct your issue. Seems like it's attempting to adjust the applications title bar which is taking focus from the dropdown, which closes the dropdown which in turn terminates the screen capture. Pain in the a-money-money... Thanks for everyone's comments - it's been driving me crazy for months.
  • Rod
    Before SnagIT 11 I did not have to use the timer but now I have to do so.

    In SnagIT 11 on the WORD BAR menu select Capture

      Check Timer Setup and open that up.

          There you will have an option to choose

              Enable delayed / scheduled capture

                    Delayed capture and to set the time for the delay.

  • Dubie
    Could you expand on what you mean by Tools Option?

    The options for any given tool you are using is in the Properties Panel.

    If the Properties panel is not showing you need to click "Properties" on the bottom right.

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  • ronniebootwest
    How do I get the 'Tools' option in latest version of Snagit for Win 10?
  • ronniebootwest
    Where is the 'Tools' bar in Snagit 2019?

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