A Quick Community Update



  • bagaplc
    How sweet. Unfortunately all of that kumbaya sentiment doesn't do anything to improve a flaw-riddled, user unfriendly Camtasia 9. Any chance we might see some actual IMPROVEMENTS anytime soon? Just wondering.
  • Neville Greyling
    "We know that it takes time to sign up, to sign in, and to share your thoughts, and we thank you for your time in doing so!"

    This member of the leadership team couldn't be bothered to take the time or effort to create an account in their own forum to post their message, so they instead asked Robert R. to post the message on their behalf. Hilarious.

    Those leadership team people at TechSmith are very very busy indeed, doing all sorts of important leadership things!
  • Mal Reynolds
    I hear what you're saying and do see your point, but I'm not sure that's a completely fair criticism. Handling the community interface is Robert's schtick; by having the message flow through a single voice ensures that there are no misunderstanding where developer A may say one thing and Developer B say something else which could be misunderstood as contradicting what A had said. That kind of thing can be incredibly time-wasting and distracting. Far better that there be one person to keep the message consistent.

    There are legitimate things to be annoyed about. The fact that the devs seem completely oblivious to how much time is wasted when there is no option to numerically set a value rather than doing the click/drag shuffle is my greatest personal one. Or for others, it's  the lack of a high contrast UI, and TS's seeming determination to hold onto the "low viz" one unto grim death citing all sorts of case studies that just don't reflect real world experience. (A design that has been so widely panned, incidentally, that it makes the "we are listening" thing seem a tad hollow.)

    But having communication done by a limited subset of spokespeople does not strike me as being one of those.
  • jim

    I also had to stop updating at CS8 because of the low contrast issues.  To me, it made no sense until another application gave a reason that made sense.  It seems, based on the last sentence that saving energy is more important than helping those with handicaps (vision issues).  Note the first sentence refers to "low (gentler) contrast".

    "You might find this new screen contrast gentler on your eyes, particularly if you mostly use your computer at night. It also helps slightly reduce the drain on laptop batteries."


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