Can U Send Captured Images to Gmail?



  • plusassociates
    Best method:

    In Snagit use the Share button to send images to
    This copies the image and a URL into your clipboard.

    Once the image is sent, with your Gmail email open, on your keyboard press Control+V.
    This copies the saved image into your Gmail email.

    Re-size the image to suit inside your email.

    Viewers can click the image to see your full size capture on

    Hope this helps.
  • jeffaxup
    Even easier method that doesn't require making potentially private pictures accessible via a public screencast URL:

    - go into snagit Settings
    - set your autosave dir to Downloads folder
    - take a new snagit snapshot, it autosaves
    - use Gmail insert image feature, and choose Download folder to find images sorted by date.
    - insert image.
  • tomwilson
    This is too many steps.  Why don't 'they' just add an option under share (Gmail) and not limit it to only Outlook.  Not everyone uses Outlook anymore (Microsoft - 'designing yesterdays technology, tomorrrow'
  • Mike G
    Easier still:
    1) Capture image
    2) In Snagit Editor/Share tab, click "Clipboard" icon
    3) Begin writing (or switch to) your Gmail message
    4) Insert cursor where you want the image & press Ctrl V
    ... [wait a sec for upload] ... Voila! It's inserted right from Clipboard.

    [Above is using Windows 7 & Snagit ver. 11.1]
  • tomwilson
    I think this is the easiest.  Why Gmail isn't an option is beyond me.
  • jeffaxup
    I think that only works in some browsers (i.e. Chrome). I just tried it in Firefox for the map, and it looks like it pastes it in, but when you send a test email to yourself it won't include the image. The issue is that it doesn't actually have a URL to the image data when you paste.

    Also: my advice above doesn't work after further exploration. The problem is that snagit saves image captures automatically, but it doesn't have an option to save them as pngs automatically - so it saves it in an intermediary snagit format which you can't directly attach to a gmail. so you have to do the additional save action.

    Techsmith really needs to figure out a more elegant solution to this problem for gmail. inserting images is a regular activity.
  • Manny Carvalho
    Yes your procedure can work if you set the Share option to file for your profile. You can then define the download folder, filename and filetype as well. This way you can save your file yourself rather than Snagit doing it automagically. Once saved it's trivial to to insert a capture anywhere.

    I just created a video on this elsewhere: for your case just skip the editor.

    Don't get confused by Snagit's ability of autosaving captures to mean that user's can't save captures where they want. It's not an issue doing it. Just grasp the principles of these two different activities.
  • tomwilson
    I totally agree that Techsmith needs to address an easy send via gmail.
  • Logan S.
    Hey Jeff,

    We are always looking at these boards to see which features would serve our customers the best. We appreciate the feedback!

    In the meantime, check out this thread for a few ideas that may serve as a workaround for you:
  • Manny Carvalho
    I just tried the copy/paste method from the Snagit editor to the Gmail compose box and it pasted an image there using my browser Maxthon. I also received the email complete in another account.

    That's a pretty simple way if it works for you.
  • Peter M. Skaife
    These are all bad work arounds (in my opinion).
    I've been using cut and paste and work arounds for years - and am tired of doing so.  
    I would like the program (share) to actually work with gmail.

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