Wrong Timestamp



  • Josh Holnagel
    Hi Joel,

    Thanks for posting this. We've done some investigating, and here's what we've found.

    We currently use a third party service (Microsoft Azure) to store analytics data. Azure stores that data in the UTC time format, so that format is the only format available.

    I did find an Excel formula for converting timestamps from one time zone to another. I know this is less than ideal, but it's the best I can offer at this time. Link: https://excelribbon.tips.net/T010739_Converting_UTC_Times_to_Local_Times.html

    I'm sorry for the confusion this is causing.

  • JHandler
    This may be fine for me, a Tech Director, but is not a real solution I can give to a classroom teacher or Principal who wants to use this software.   Azure should have mechanisms to convert the timestamp on download.  

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