Play video preview full screen?




  • Conan Heiselt

    No, you're not over-looking anything. Camtasia for Mac doesn't currently have that capability.

    Thanks for the feedback,

  • roderick.rose
    This is unacceptable. I was looking for this for hours! Very poor.
  • caseyschaub
    I realize that this would most likely be an overly complicated task, but it would be nice if the video preview could be opened in a separate window.  I am not a software engineer, but I can imagine that this would be not worth the effort even though it would be extremely beneficial to someone using the product.

    This would be an ideal situation for the use of extended display and dual monitors.  I do not get distracted by the timeline as the person stated a year ago, but would like the extra workspace; especially once you begin to fill the timeline with content.  This is just my two cents.  
  • SilkCharm
    That can't be true. On Screenflow I simply go to View, Enter Preview. How do people work on Camtasia videos if you have to muck around with Canvas size all the time? o.O 
  • Alex Ford
    With varying degrees of expletives.

    I'm starting to realize that Camtasia Mac really just doesn't get any love.
  • steve.buckley
    I bought the mac version and am disappointed that it does not have the same feature set as windows.  Find it very clunky. No love.  Even the Mac App Store version is 2.10.4 compared to the websites 2.10.6 - what the hell??
  • Dave Matthews
    version 2.9 and this is still not possible. Is it something you guys are looking at? Will it be implemented in the near future?
  • Alex Ford
  • Jason Kunst
    i am looking for this too. also whenever i output anything the quality is nothing like what is in canvas
  • Zack
    I need to preview full screen without all the cruft and chrome so I can see what I've actually got without exporting a file every time. I preview a project hundreds of times before it's done and I'm not wanting to export that many files, obviously. Is this possible yet?
  • Glenn Hervieux
    How is it that Camtasia Mac doesn't have the basic capability of full screen previewing? Especially three years after this thread first started. Disappointing for sure...
  • danbrew
    Yeah, same problems.  Running the trial version on a PC and not only is the preview mode too small, I can't seem to figure out how to export the finished product at full screen resolution.  Way too small for useful purposes.
  • bacizone
    Camtasia 9 can not really switch to full screen playback unless you are in docked mode? 

    Come on, make full screen available in all situations.
  • davemill
    Camtasia 9/Camtasia Mac 3 features a detachable canvas. This means that you can grow the timeline to be very large. Here's a screenshot of the timeline on my big screen display (the canvas is on my other screen). 25 tracks visible plus the properties and media bins still usable.

  • MayMay
    You all understand that there IS a way to do the full screen option in Camtasia 3 for Mac... right?  You just go to the top menu and select View, Canvas, and then choose "Detach Canvas" and then click the green circle (with the diagonal double arrows) in the top left of your detached canvas to make it full screen. 
    So, that ends this thread... right?  Problem solved.
  • shery.nizar
    I cant find it on camtasia Windows too. no full screen unless i export the whole thing
  • stephensterry853
    With newer versions you have to detach the canvas first.
    Then you can go fullscreen.

  • hbodner

    MayMay thank you! Your suggestion solved the problem for me (wish I could pin your post to the top of the thread!). 


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