"login" keychain password

Not planned



  • mahonypj
    Problem resolved. My system password was required, not my snagit password.
  • Larry Keenan
    Your keychain holds all your saved passwords and if you use auto login you have to enter your system password at least once any session. Eg starting skype.
  • lornebostwick

    It won't take my system password and in the keychain there is no password for techsmith

  • Luke Griffioen

    Hi lornebostwick,

    Can you try searching the keychain for "Snagit"? If you've logged into one of our sharing outputs in the editor app, the helper will need permissions to view the secure password data, hence the keychain prompt. If you're still not seeing anything, go ahead and open up a support ticket and they will be able to figure out why this is happening in your case.


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